Friday, March 27, 2015

Day Thirty-eight: Redux-The Best of Diana Dishes

I have been going at this one post a night now for thirty-eight days. To date, I have published 235 total posts since my blog began on June 16, 2009.  I actually started writing my football posts (mostly about the Chiefs) when I was on MySpace (remember, MySpace?  I wonder if I can still access my page.).  I decided tonight to look back over the posts I have written.  Some have been funny; some have been sad; a lot have been written about Tony Gonzalez, and like in my profile, I don't apologize for that.  Looking back at the posts, I reviewed the stats, and tonight, I'm going to present my top 10 posts.  Now, I'm not famous or very popular for that matter.  I average about 10-20 views per post, and I'm okay with that, but sometimes, I post something that registers with some people.  I don't know why. Honestly, I write most of these for me to practice writing. 

I based this top ten list on the number of page views the post received.

#10-"The Twilight Saga...or Why I Would Rather Watch Paint Dry" (November 19, 2011; 318 page views):  This post was a response to why I have not seen any of the Twilight movies.  Four years later, I still haven't seen one of these movies in its entirety, and I regret nothing.  This is actually one of my favorite posts.
#9-"Falcon Was Hiding in the Attic, While My Teams were in the Basement" (October 17, 2009; 363 page views):  The title came from a breaking news post, you remember, the little boy named Falcon whose parents thought he trapped in a balloon made by his father.  He turned out to be hiding in the attic.  At this time, I was mom to 4 fantasy football teams:  The Merry Mad Men, The Crazy 88s, Gonzalez y Gonzalez, and Hecate's Hellhounds.  They were struggling to say the least. (Yes, Tony Gonzalez was my fantasy TE on each team.)
#8-"2013 NFL Predictions Sure to Bite the Dust" (September 5, 2013; 480 page views):  Every year, even this one, I make my predictions for the NFL Season.  It was the first post of Tony Gonzalez's last season. I made the very bad choice of picking the Falcons as NFC Champions.  Ah, well, at least, I got to see TG play that weekend in the Super Dome (all smiles)
#7-"NFL Week 6 Picks" (October 16, 2011; 602 page views): This was one of my regular pick Sundays.  It was an average post. Nothing special. I don't know why it got so many hits.
#6-"Fantasy Draft #4: Matching Mugshots" (September 8, 2010; 729 page views): This was one of my fantasy football leagues draft. My team name was Matching Mugshots, named after Tiny and T.I.'s infamous mugshots.  FYI, starting at running back, Ray Rice, who knew.  Yes, yes...TG was the tight end.
#5-"Best "Fantasy" Tight Ends" (July 6, 2010; 890 page views): This was my list of the guys that I thought were the best looking players in the league, making full use of the play on words on the position of tight end.  There were a couple of tight ends, and a whole lot of good looking guys.  Forgive me for putting Darren Sharper on this list.  That post was 5 years ago. I don't think anyone knew what a scumbag he would turn out to be.
#4-"The Gatsby Complex: Part 4: Gatsby" (May 25, 2010; 1056 page views): Football season was long over, so I decided to do a post on The Great Gatsby, but it turned into 4 separate posts about the characters in the novel and comparing them to modern day celebrity.  It was a fun post, and the series was some of my favorite pieces.
#3-"Bless the Children" (July 5, 2011; 1095 page views): This was one of my more somber posts.  It was dealing with the lack of media attention when it comes to the disappearance of black children, especially Phylicia Barnes who was the center of that post.  I also thought they should make an effort to show missing children everyday.
#2-"Come Back, Shawne!!!!!" (August 5, 2010; 1520 page views): This was an open letter to Shawne Merriman.  It was about his trials and tribulations returning to the San Diego Chargers after a major injury.  This post got a big bump by Shawne Merriman himself! One of my twitter friends retweeted it to Shawne who retweeted it to his fans.  It still has the most comments of all of my posts, mostly by Chargers fans.  So, this became my favorite post.
#1-"My Favorite Celebrity Crushes" (June 16, 2011; 7382 page views): One summer day, I decided to embarrass myself by talking about all of the people I have had a crush on over the course of my existence. The list ranged from Philip Michael Thomas to David Justice to, of course, Tony Gonzalez, who apparently makes his way into practically every post.  It was a fun way to look at how my choices have changed over the years.
After looking at these posts, I realized that most of my writing fell off a bit during my two years in grad school.  I spent more time writing papers than blog posts.  This Lenten lesson will hopefully get me back into the habit of writing more.  I have attached links to all of the post. If you are interested in getting a look at some of my older works, just click on the title of the article.

Until next time, “Taking time to look back, is a foundation on course to build a stable future.” ― Unarine Ramaru

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