Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day Fourteen: Okay, this is hard...

I admit. This is hard. I usually do this on Sundays, during football season, after I have done some research.  Football season gives me something to talk about, because I don't follow the machinations of the off season.  Unless, the conversation involved Tony Gonzalez or one of my favorite Chiefs, but TG is retired, and I haven't heard anything about my Chiefs except that Justin Houston has received the franchise tag.

It's the coming up with topics every day. I work with students all day, and unlike some teachers, I don't feel that it is appropriate to share what we say in my class.  Although, I could probably fill pages with that. I don't really like talking about my former students for the same reason.  They have a right to privacy, and I respect that.

I read A LOT, I listen to music that is antique by modern standards, and when I'm not doing school work, I watch a lot of TV and Netflix, and I play video games and work on my lesson plans.  I live a relatively boring life, and unlike most people, I'm okay with that, but I digress. 

The thing is I don't want to repeat or rehash things that I have already written about which makes this task so hard. I know what you are thinking, because that guy has already made an appearance in this post. Well, so what, I watched his new show You Can't Lick your Elbow last night, and it was fantastic.  It made me wish that I taught science, so I could share it with my students.

This is embarrassing, but short post tonight. Tomorrow, I am going to make a list of topics that I would like to discuss.  I probably should have done that sooner, but hey, it's the end of the nine weeks, Spring Break is about to start, and I'm trying to wrap everything up before we head into the home stretch.  It will be better tomorrow.

Until next time, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow."-Mark Twain

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