Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day Twelve: Live Blogging the Walking Dead

Warning: This contains spoilers

8:00-Entering the camp, man are they jumpy.  Daryl-We brought dinner. A Possum. Carl may or may not have seen something. You know, I know that the fence is protection, but man, it is just so creeping seeing the gates close behind them. This lady playing Deanna looks so familiar. I can't put my finger on it.  Googleing...

8:17-Loving the clean Rick, but man was that nasty going down the, she just going to come in and give Rick a hair Why is Daryl still holding the possum?  Only Daryl will enter an interview holding a possum. So, who is sleeping with whom?

8:21-Daryl, please take a bath...Okay, why are some of you still dirty...I'm like the members of the group. I'm still suspicious of everything. You feel that way after hanging with the governor. Daryl is like, uhm, nah. I'm good.

8:30-This lady is really trying too hard. Stay away from Rick, chick.  Carl thinks these people are weak. I think they may be sneaky.  I don't trust them at all.  Richonne...So, this girl has a husband and she is trying her best to get with Rick.

It took a minute, but it is Tovah Feldshuh who is playing Deanna. She played Danielle Melnick in multiple episodes of Law and Order.

8:43-I agree with you Daryl. Carol looks ridiculous in that outfit, but dude take a bath.  This girl is going to get Carl in trouble.  The Frat boys are going out with the younger members. Uh-oh, Rick's blender piece is gone.  It looked like the gun the Frat boys gave Tara. Rick isn't even surprise when Carl is not where he is suppose to be.  The blender piece missing tells me they were watching the whole time. I don't trust these people at all.

8:52-Look at Member's Only jacket trying to be a badass. This dude is stepping to Glenn. Aiden is crazy-a stupid dude who will get people killed. Daryl will whip your butt will Glenn. Carl has a crush. 
We will not be weak. That's not in us any more.  Love that Rick Grimes.

Until next week, "If they can't keep this place, we'll take it."-Rick Grimes

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