Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 11: "Knots Untie"

Last week was one of those episodes that started slow and ended on an upswing. We finally got the Michonne-Rick hookup that most of us wanted. We met Jesus, who immediately got on my nerves, and we saw the burial of the reanimated Deanna.

Here we go...Opening with Abraham and his inappropriate quotes. I love Abraham. C'mon, I'm liking Sasha and Abraham, but Abraham and Eugene has to be a funny moment. Okay, Abraham and Sasha have that look...and then, he hooks up with Rosita who has made him a charm necklace. Awww

Road trip. They have repaired the Winnebago and are taking Jesus back to his people, after that awkward moment when he called Michonne Carl's mom. Aww...Michonne and Rick. This car accident looks a little hinky, much like Jesus, himself. I'm having a really hard time calling this dude, Jesus.

I think your fiend may be dead buddy...Well, they have found some of Jesus' friends. We have a for real doctor. Freddy is out of it. Seriously, this RV is perpetually getting stuck. They've made it to the Hilltop group. Abraham has no chill. This guy is so sketchy. I'm not liking this dude. If he calls her Natalie one more time. Maggie needs to smack the crap out of this dude.

Gregory is a sketchy a**hole. Jesus has more faith in Gregory than I do. Rick is no playing with this fool. This group has been trading with Negan. This dude apparently doesn't know who they are messing with. Gregory is dying. These people have lost their mind. Did she really go after Michonne's man? She wants to die. Daryl with that armbar, though...

Our group is just, we will take out Negan. we aren't worried about that. I still don't trust Gregory. Daryl wants a cow. Maggie needs to just cap Gregory. Maggie and Glenn made pancakes. Y'all have a great night!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 6; Ep. 10 "The Next World"

Welcome back, everybody! I missed the first minute of this week's edition. I'll catch it on the flipside, but I did see Michonne and Rick sharing quarters. Everybody giving Rick and Daryl lists of supplies for their roadtrip in a Chrysler 300. I'm one of the few people rooting, by the way, for a Rick and Michonne hook-up!

What did they do with all of the walker bodies, and where is Spencer's stupid self going? Man, Enid is freaking annoying. Spencer is the last of Deanna's family, and probably the weakest link of all. all that is not going to fit in that Chrysler. I believe nothing good will come from getting this truck. I just know it. So, who is this guy who tried to attack Rick and Daryl in the worse way possible, and over a freaking vending machine.

This guy can time walkers? So, this is the Jesus guy everybody talking about. What a butthole. So, Paul, AKA, Jesus, just stole Rick and Daryl's van. That's messed up man. What is Spencer up to? Why is he making these lonesome journeys into the woods. Seriously, why is everyone in the woods tonight? Now, Carl and Enid are in the woods. Well, Daryl and Rick just found the soda machine, and enjoyed. Speaking of which, when have you ever seen a snack machine with sodas in it? Plus, does Rick have to run in every episode?

I'm so sick of this emo girl Enid and her stupid pouty face. Why won't Carl kill this one? Oh, I get it. It's Deanna, and that is why Spencer is out there with the shovel. How did Jesus let Rick and Daryl run down a truck? They left this dude on the side of the road, and now he is on the freaking roof of the van? What the crap? Jesus is a such a tool! He caused him to lose the van! Plus, knocked his dumb self out!

So, it was Deanna, and that's why Spencer was taking trips to the woods. He wanted to be the one to put his mother down and to bury her. Seriously though, how did the walkers not eat Deanna? She was upstairs? Did they have somewhere else to be? Awwww, Michonne telling Spencer that he still has a family, and he still has a home. Man, Daryl hates Jesus. Awww, Carl saying it had to be family. Although, It's a little creepy that he told Michonne that he would put her down.

Rick and Daryl's relationship. Now, a moment with Rick and Michonne. YESSSSSSSS!!!! Rick and Michonne finally happened!!!!!! So, Jesus gets out and sneaks up on Rick and Michonne! What the crap!!!! Oh, man!!!! I can't wait until next week! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

See, you next week!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 6, EP. 9- "No Way Out"

Yes, yes, yes!!! Happy Valentine's Day to me as my favorite show returns!!! It has been a long two months without our weekly dose of Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Morgan, Glenn, Maggie, etc. I expect that there will be much carnage tonight as we last saw our heroes separated in the Zombie Parade through downtown Alexandria. Pregnant Maggie was precariously perched atop a platform surrounded by walkers. Glenn and Enid were outside the gates watching in horror. Deanna died, and Rick was leading his guts-covered group from Jessie's House after her moron of a son Ron started a fight with Carl which led to an influx of walkers into the house. Now, as they try to make their way through the walkers, Jessie's PTSD son Sam, finally decided that calling mom during the zombie walk was a good idea. On the other side of town, the suddenly stupid Morgan is trapped with Carol, Rosita, Eugene, as the Wolves psychopath walks out with the towns only medic, Denise.  As if that wasn't enough action, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were stopped along the road by some of Negan's men. I can't wait to see what second half to the season will bring.

There it is...Previously on The Walking Dead
Why didn't they just drive through the bikes? I already Hate Negan's crew. So, they are going to take them back to Alexandria. That should be interesting. This dude is talking about eating crap, threatening Abraham and Sasha. Daryl just creeps up with the Rocket launcher and blows them to hell. I love you Daryl Dixon. Best line ever..."Nibble on that." From Abraham.

Meanwhile in Alexandria...
I see they got Sam to shut the front door...So, they are going to round up the zombies, and leave the baby with Gabriel? This scares me more than Sam helping them out. I hope Morgan is over his case of the stupids. I can't believe that Denise and the Wolf are still alive. Why are Enid and Ron annoying? It's going to hurt me so bad when Glenn dies.

It got dark really quickly in Alexandria. Man, a little baby zombie. Too bad Sam and Jessie. He told y'all to keep moving. Let go of Carl!!!! Dumas, Ron threatening Carl, again, so Michonne has to kill him now, and he ends up shooting Carl in the freaking eye. The Andersons were the worse family every. I am so glad they are now gone. I do realize that we are the worse people wanting all the children dead. I don't really apologize cause they are the worse.

The Wolf is bitten. Can't say I'm sorry about that. Morgan and Carol need to get on the same page. Carol tells Morgan that she should have killed him. Denise, this wolf dude. Carol capped the Wolf. Here they come with Carl. Denise has finally realized that she is a doctor, and now Rick's cheese has slipped off the cracker again as he is on his way to kill as many as he can. Rick and Michonne need to just do it already. Gabriel has finally grown a pair. EUGENE-no body gets to clock out today!  Man, Glenn is piled against the wall!!! The Calvary has arrived. Sasha and Abraham taking down walkers!!!

Daryl and Glenn back together again. Daryl has a plan with that fuel truck but what? Daryl and his BA plans!!! They freaking took Alexandria back!!! Come back to us now Carl! I love the end of tonight episode! I'm so happy it's back!! See you next week.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Edition

Happy Super Bowl 50, everybody!!! It may be clich├ęd, but it really all comes down to this: The Denver Broncos and The Carolina Panthers play for the Lombardi trophy. As a kid growing up as a 49ers fans, I watched my favorite quarterback Joe Montana win four Super Bowls. While as a Chiefs fan, well, I'm just happy they finally got past the second round this year.

The Carolina Panthers have been the best team in the NFL all year, while the Denver Broncos have had rather a shaky season before taking the AFC. FYI, congratulations to Cam Newton who was named NFL MVP and Ron Rivera who was named Coach of the Year.

It's the Youngster Cam Newton vs. the Sheriff Peyton Manning. Many people have been quoted as saying that this may be Peyton's last game. If so, it will be the end of one of the greatest careers in the NFL. Win or lose, Peyton Manning is a terrific quarterback. So, he doesn't have a slew of rings like Brady and Montana, neither did Jim Kelly, neither did Dan Marino, and heck Bret Favre only won one. I, for one, do not rely solely on Super Bowl rings. You need a whole team to win a Super Bowl. All parts matter, otherwise, Tom Brady would be here today defending his title.

Cam Newton is only five years old, and now, he is in the Super Bowl. I've not been a Cam Newton fan. Why? Because when I watch college sports I'm an LSU fan, so there is that. When I watch or care about the NFC, I'm usually watching the Saints or 49ers, so there is that. Yet, with all of his detractors, here he is. He has supported his teammates, and he has made his fans a part of the game. It's really hard not to root for Cam, especially since I'm petty as hell and hate the Broncos.

Now, my final NFL pick of the season: the Denver Broncos vs. The Carolina Panthers. Cam and his offense have been awesome this year, while the Broncos defense has been amazing. I know, they were my defense this year during my fantasy season. Be that as it may, I'm going with Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Now, watch Pey-Pey make me eat my words.

It's been a great season guys! Enjoy the Super Bowl!!!! It should be a great game regardless of the outcome!

Until next time, “You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play”-Warren Beatty.  I'll be back next week with my blog reactions to the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.