Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day Thirty-Three: Live Blogging The Walking Dead

Warning:  There will be spoilers!!!!!

Still can't get over Noah's death and stupid Gabriel's betrayal...

8:00 p.m.-So, Deanna is going to listen to techno while in mourning.  Okay. Her kid had crap decision making skills and crap taste in music. Carol's baking again. Creepy little Sam in the window. Sasha is in the tower.  Deanna didn't have to burn Carol's letter. Her son made bad choices and got himself killed, and I hold him partially responsible for Noah, too.  Daryl and Aaron have spotted a light in the woods.  I have a bad feeling about this.

Nicholas is straight lying. He tried to save Aiden? He is such a liar. Nicholas has to die. Nicholas is scared, he lies, so let's put them out.  This kid has to go.  Glen trying to convince them to stay.  Deanna should have learned fro the construction dude. Carol wants Pete dead. Why is there a balloon on the water.  Keep walking, Pete.

8:18 p.m. Michonne is like I'm buying into this, and I don't like it.  Deanna is so weak.  She knows Pete is beating his wife and wants to do nothing about it. Sasha has no chill. She is slipping into Lizzie territory. Enid is going to get Carl in trouble.  Rick is so into Jessie and Pete, he has no Idea where Carl is.

8:29 p.m. Thirty minutes have just gone by swiftly. Noah is on you, too, Nicholas. Nicholas should be dead.  He should get his arrogantly stupid self and have several seats with Gabriel. Nicholas and Gabriel both need to go. Like I said before, this girl is going to get Carl in trouble.  Another walker with a "W" on it's head, and now we know what happened to Rick's blender gun.  Sasha is trying to get herself killed. How did it work itself out for Michonne?  Now, Sasha feels guilty for telling Noah he wouldn't make it.  Maggie hasn't told on Gabriel yet.

8:43 p.m. Notice, Gabriel is like a serpent coiled up and waiting to strike when you are not looking. Nowhere to be seen. What fresh hell is this that Aaron and Daryl have just found?  A woman tied to a tree with a W on her forehead.  So, who are the W people and why did they tie this woman to a tree to die?  Jessie wants to just let Pete keep beating her.  Rick, just let it go. She made her bed.  How is Pete still able to get drunk in the middle of the day?  Pete had this butt-whooping coming.  You don't attack Rick.  I have a serious question. Alexandria has chocolate on lockdown, but the town doc can get liquor whenever he likes? Rick is telling them the truth though, but he is crazy, and Dang, Michonne!  She just knocked Rick the crap out.

Wow! Next week is going to be crazy.

Until next week, "You mean, me?"-Rick Grimes.

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