Thursday, August 5, 2010

Come Back, Shawne!!!!

Dear Mr. Merriman,

I am a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, but as the 10-12 readers of my blog (not to mention my twitter account) can attest to, I am a big fan of yours. Granted it wasn't always that way. Your first couple of years in the league, I thought you were a raving lunatic hell-bent on destroying my team's fragile quarterbacks. I burned in anger when you blew up Priest Holmes' career. I, like many Chiefs fans, rejoiced when you were suspended by the league in 2006. It was later, however, that I read about your background, and how you had survived numerous maladies as a youth. I was surprised, mostly because I usually didn't give two thoughts to the players wearing the opposite helmet.

I started watching you play. I liked how you would throw yourself around with reckless abandon evoking fear in the hearts of opposing quarterbacks. It reminded me a lot of my favorite LB the late Chiefs star #58 Derrick Thomas. I enjoyed watching your tie ups with Tony Gonzalez on the line of scrimmage. I was cheering you on when I saw the cheap shot that messed up your knee. I, unlike most Chiefs fans, was devastated when you announced that you would not play the remainder of the 2008 season because of knee surgery. So, I settled for watching you, Jay Glazer, and Eddie George on Pro Football Talk.

I can't wait for the start of every season. I look forward to the Chiefs taking the field and hopefully winning the AFC West. I know, it's a little delusional, but I can still hope. I couldn't wait for the start of the 2009 season, because it meant "Lights Out" was returning to the field. I watched you try to power through the injuries, and unlike some fans, I understood how difficult it was to overcome. I cheered you on, and I don't think anyone screamed louder when you twice sacked JaMarcus Russell (because I absolutely hate the Raiders, and I thought it was funny) and later sacked Eli Manning twice.

Earlier this year, I bought a Chargers jersey. It was the first time I had ever bought a jersey that was not from one of my favorite teams. That jersey was yours #56. Don't get me wrong, I still sport my Chiefs jersey even though it is a Gonzalez jersey, and he is in his second year with the Falcons, much to my chagrin. So, this season, I was looking forward to your playing at full strength.

Look, I know you and A. J. Smith don't get along. I don't really think A. J. Smith is impressed by anybody but himself. I am not an A. J. Smith fan, especially after the way he kicked Marty Schottenheimer to the curb (I know there was probably more to it, but I prefer to have A. J. as the bad guy, because I love Marty). I'm not like those fair weather fans who are currently tossing bad names in your general direction. I save those names for the people who truly deserve it-The Raiders. I know you want to have some reassurance from the Chargers that they want trade you. You want to be wanted. I got it. It's no fun playing for a team that appears to not appreciate you.

This is the reason why I believe you should play. Show them how important you are to the team. Show them why they should give you those reassurances. Show them the "Lights Out" that put the fear of God in those quarterbacks, and if they trade you, show them why that trade will be their loss. I think there are a lot of Pro Bowl years left in you. We can't see that if you are at home (I also get that Training Camp may be a bit of a pain). It sickens me that Larry English is taking your reps (I don't really dislike the kid, but you get my drift). Remember what Joni Mitchell said "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." Show the Chargers that you are the true leader of that defense. Show them that you are still that guy breaking through the line with reckless abandon. I hope you are on the field when the Chargers play my Chiefs on Monday night football. I want to be shielding my eyes as you break through the line and hit Matt Cassel (don't kill him, the team still owes him a lot of money). Show them why they should give you that long term contract, and if they don't take your talents elsewhere. I will still root for you, unless you become a Raider...just don't do that... Looking forward to seeing you on the field!


P.S. "The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field – and keep on doing it." Wilfred A. Peterson


  1. wow, this was an amazing letter, even though I am a DIEHARD charger fan, you've really impressed me and now I actually wanna see him play!!

  2. Really nice blog post - and it's great that Merriman himself tweeted it (that's where I found it). Keep writing!

    Peg W. (@sundevilpeg)

  3. agree with the 2 posters above. i've been saying the same things: if you want to be valued, show how valuable you are. why should a team give you such assurances when they haven't seen what you've got in awhile?
    i am a Charger fan.
    a season ticket holder.
    and i not only went to the SD home games last year, but I went to the game in Dallas and the game in New York as well. talk about awesome!

    i make very little money, but i put all my savings toward those tickets every year. i wish the players would recognize that they are entertainers, and we pay good money to see them show their stuff. they are blessed to be where they are.

    i really hope Shawne, VJ, and Mac take a step back and look at the big picture.

  4. Wow, I can't believe it took a Chief fan to write something that many Charger fans feel, but don't express outwardly. It sickens me when people rag on #56, saying he "doesn't produce" anymore. I watch the defense closely each game (season ticket holder) and #56 BY FAR stands out as the one busting his ass the most. He's all over the place, taking on multiple blockers, chasing down ball carriers who others have failed to bring down. He really tries to do it all 100%. I'm really looking forward to seeing him perform at full strength again to shut these naysayers up. Thanks for the great post. SM himself tweeted it so you know he appreciates it.

  5. wow, im inpressed. im a DIE HARD CHARGERS FAN, and wow, that was amazing.

  6. Thank you so much for this it is exactly what I feel. I am a Charger fan and a season ticket holder...Shawn is my screensaver at work. I really want him to play and have a great season and show them (AJ) what he is made of...Even though I will be sad if he leaves I will him the best and I want to see "Lights out" "Light up"

    Thank you again

  7. Impressive blog and I also got it from his tweet. You have put into words alot of what we fans feel. While I understand SM's desires, I also agree the only way to get what you want is to work at it, not sit out! Thanks for this letter, it is great!

  8. Awesome stuff. I totally agree. I am also a Forever Charger fan and sport my wardrobe of "56" jerseys all thru out the year, not just football season. Shawne we are all praying for you and are looking forward to seeing you on the field this season......twtybird606

  9. Defense, How Ya'll Feel?

    Lean, mean, agile, mostly hostile, highly motivated motivated motivated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. He is wanted by his teammates.

  11. Diana, this is an amazing piece of writing. I really appreciate your candor. I'm a die-hard Chargers fan and I felt the same way about Derrick Thomas that you do about Shawne Merriman. Derrick Thomas terrorized the Chargers' QB's but I still loved to watch him play. Thank you so much for this post. I really enjoyed reading it and I'm glad a buddy of mine turned me onto your blog.

    I invite you to come and check out our little football blog community for respectful AFC West fans. I know all of us there would love to have your comments and thoughts added to the discussion:

    Take care!

  12. gotta love former Terps - Go Terps!