Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 15: "East"

I'm not liking this intro to The Walking Dead. I fear we may lose a few people tonight. That was a really quick intro. So, now they are showing us how Carol is leaving.  Carol is tuning Tobin out. She is already detaching herself from everyone. Nothing good comes from a Johnny Cash open. Tara is going to flip out when she learns about Denise. This is a sweet moment between Glenn and Maggie. Daryl is still traumatized by Denise's death; he's holding on to the keychain she found. uh-oh, the Sasha and Rosita stare down. I really couldn't imagine fighting over Abraham. Michonne and Rick are sharing everything I see. Rick is just a little too confident. Daryl is going out again. This is not good. How would Rosita know where Daryl's going. I can't believe that Glenn is out, too. I have a bad feeling about this. Now, Morgan and Rick are gone. I have a really bad feeling about this. One of our friends will not be back tonight. Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, Morgan, Daryl, Rick, and Carol are all on the outside. UGHHHHHHH.

What kind of Mad Max Volkswagen is this? Oh-No...Negan's men. Nancy from Mt. Claire, really? Oh, they were heading to Alexandria? This is not good. Well, she warned you. Dang Carol is still a boss. So, Carol, once again has to kill a bunch of people by herself. Then, this dude just...really guy?

Enid is in the food dispensary; Carol is killing people right and left. Morgan and Rick are spitting philosophy. Is Carol on foot? Where did she go? Carol is a force of nature. She is just a boss. No, Rick, you really did start something you have no idea about. Damn, Daryl is after Dwight. Daryl is going to get them all killed. Glenn is right. This is just trouble waiting to happen. Daryl and Rosita are just going to keep looking? I don't like this. This splitting up. I don't like it. Dammit, Daryl!!! Now, they've got Michonne and Glenn are captured by Dwight. I need this dude to die right now. The woodland chit-chats really need to stop. The splitting up needs to stop.

Rick is looking for Carol because she is family. Morgan still insists that people can come back, but I don't think the Saviors could come back. There has been a slaughter here. What is going on?  Morgan would you please just stop that! Let him kill the buttholes!!!! Morgan, really? Are you freaking serious??!!! Rick's face just now was priceless. He could not believe this. Now, Morgan is leaving. Michonne did steal that protein bar. Morgan and Carol. Prediction: Rick will be captured. Morgan will find Carol, and like Terminus, they will save them from Negan, but not before somebody dies. This is crazy. We still have 5 minutes, and that crazy savior is still behind Rick.

Rick made it back to Alexandria, but I bet that guy followed him back. They know where they are. Maggie and the baby are in trouble. Michonne and Glenn are tied up. There is just too much to night!!! EFFing Dwight. Wait, What just happened? There was so much blood!!! This season finale is going to kill me.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 14: "Twice as Far"

Welcome back, everybody! New episode tonight! I hate to say after last week's episode that I feel like someone important is going to die tonight, and I feel like it is going to be Abraham. Because, last week we saw the return of Daryl's bike. How long before we see the return of the crossbow and Dwight? So, Morgan was building a jail, because they want to have choices. Is it me or did they just show this. Are they showing that routine has come to Alexandria? I see that Carol still has that rosary.

Wait, Rosita is with Spencer? That was Spencer, right? Spencer doesn't get that he is just rebound play. I'm not sure about Carol and Tobin. I like these little moments between Daryl and Carol. Daryl has noticed the change in Carol. He knows that something has messed with her mind a bit.

Whose idea was it to let Eugene out on a mission outside? I'm not eating beef jerky strogonoff. eww...Who thought this was a good idea? Roamers. Dr. Denise wants to go on a run. Daryl is killing this truck. Denise looks like she is about to wet her pants. Well, we now know her parents were alcoholics. Daryl is done with railroad tracks.

Half the time I don't understand what Eugene is saying, but he is saying he is a survivor. Eugene is upset that Abraham just saved his life. Did Eugene just really say you have out lived your usefulness to me. So, Abraham is just going to leave Eugene alone? Just because he stood up for himself?  Abraham has just broken up the rest of this post apocalyptic version of Shalamar. 

Well, Daryl and team have hit the medical mother lode, but what is going on back here? Denise, why are you exploring? Apparently the owner of this particular store drowned one of her children. Wonder who Dennis is? Probably her dad or son. Oh, Dennis is her twin. Daryl comparing Merle to Denise's brother.  Denise what are you doing?  Come on, Denise. Stop!  That was some stupid crap, Denise. Just stupid, and then threw up on your glasses. What Denise is saying to them is truth. But, WTF?!!!! I wasn't expecting that. effing Dwight. Denise is Dead, and now they have Daryl, Rosita, and Eugene. Where is Abraham?  He killed Denise with Daryl's bow. Man, AMC, I didn't need to see it again so freaking soon!!!
What a piece of Crap. I hate Dwight. Oh, there is Abraham.  What Eugene? Really?  Did Eugene just bite him in the crotch?  Daryl has his crossbow back.  Nooooooooo!!! Eugene is shot, and they had to leave Denise behind.

They made it, but no, we have no doctor. Eugene, you apologize for questioning my skills? Eugene and Abraham are so awesome together. Uh-oh, Sasha and Abraham hooking up? Daryl must have retrieved Denise. Carol agreeing that he should have killed Dwight. Carol sent dude a dear John letter.  Wait, Carol's leaving? Why? I don't like this. I don't like this at all...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 13: "The Same Boat"

I can only hope that this week's episode is as awesome as last week's. What will happen to Maggie and Carol tonight! I'm already on edge and the episode has not even started yet.

So apparently, their argument is the reason Maggie and Carol were captured. I didn't recall the rain last week. Dude should have not call Carol a bit. She's not going to forget that. Alicia Witt, I can take or leave. Usually she plays somebody who annoys the crap out of me. They have them at some sort of slaughter house?

Is Carol faking a seizure? Carol is setting you fools up. These are some nosy people. Carol is contemplating a way to kill bloody Mary and this fake thug.

Paula is a pill, or what ever her name is. Don't go over there messing Carol. This guy really wants to die. Seriously, what has happened to Carol? I'm really, ready for Carol to kill these fools. Wait, did this woman just say that Maggie's group is not the good guys? LOL...did she just call Carol pathetic. Girl, you are a dead woman.

This woman is missing a finger. Negan does not play, when you steal from him. He cut her finger off for stealing gas. Wait, one of the guys Daryl killed was her boyfriend. Well, too bad sis...

Rick is being so cordial tonight. We are all Negan? He has these people completely out of their gourds. Paula...why are you telling this to Carol? Carol hit double digits a long time ago. Carol is just stating facts. She tells her that she is going to die. She asks if Carol was going to kill her. Carol: "I hope not." Girl, Carol is going to kill you.

Man, I hate dialogue character building episodes. I need action. Come on! Some blood must be spilled besides this whiny guys...Man, Carol is already out.  Alright, Maggie she's dead. Ha-ha, Paula. who's pathetic now. Boy, Carol. She tried to spare Paula, but killed ole girl with a bullet. Bye bye, Paula. sorry you stayed so long. We are almost done. Man, freaking Carol is ruthless. Did Maggie and Carol just switch roles. Aw, Daryl and Carol. Man, they took the wrong set of chicks tonight. Primo, you better spill your guts. He's not Negan, though. Welp, bye Primo. You should have talked. Carol is going through some changes... See you next week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 12: "Not Tomorrow Yet"

Well, Happy Homemaker Carol is back. Beet and Acorn Cookies, yummy? I have my doubts. Hilltop crew has made it back. Church meeting in an hour. Carol, the baking was fun while it lasted time to pull out the buck knife. The relationship between Morgan and Carol is freaking weird. Aww, she left a cookie for Sam. Didn't deserve it... (Stop being petty, the kid is gone let it go, D.)

Morgan is just...I get it, but really, talking to the Saviors. Rick is like, uhm, talk? WTF, Morgan? You don't have to fight, but you have to accept it. I have a feeling that they have been teasing Glenn's death, because they are going to do a switcheroo and have Morgan die in Glenn's place at Negan's bat. Maggie wants to go fight while pregnant. Carol and Tobin seem to have a connecting. Sooooooo. Get ya, some Carol.

What is Abraham doing? He is breaking up with Rosita the night before a fight? Why are "dingleberries brown" really Abraham? Man, this is cold Abraham. Eugene is the most awkward person ever. How are you going to ask about a damn cookie while she is just breaking up with her man. Everybody is coupling up. Rick is over here plotting this attack like it's a game of Risk.

It'll be harder to see me in the dark. Nice, Gabriel. I still don't like you. Rosita is pissed at Abraham and wants to kill Morgan, too. Rick is basically. We want to eat. We have to take these people out. I don't get Maggie being here. Rick has no chill at all.

These dudes have a freaking fortress. They have about as much chill as Abraham. These Saviors are buttholes for reals...Daryl just jumped out and killed ole boy. Michonne is just sliced and diced that Johnny Kemp look alike. The Saviors guards are freaking weak man. Our guys just slipping in and massacring people. C'mon Glenn you take too long. Guess Glenn might make it now since he has lost his moral compass. I'm telling y'all Morgan is going to get offed by Negan and Lucille. Our guys are really like Ninjas.  Just slipping in then a Dude taking a piss messes everything up. Man, man. I understand Carol not wanting Maggie in there. She wants her to me a real mom. Not an, I will cap a kid if I have to mom. I really am on edge now. Nerves are shot. So much happening. I really did not think so much death and destruction would happen so quickly. I just want to say that Jesus is a scary dude. One of our guys is gonna die tonight. They can't all be saved right? Of course Negan's Men have pot and weapons galore. Where did Jesus come from? Gabriel prayed for a savior before giving him a bullet for an Amen. He seriously Samuel L. Jackson'd this dude. I'm loving ole Gabe right now. Aaron and Tara are on the sofa. Tara and Heath still going out. I'm still scared for them. Morgan is building a jail cell. Who is the chick on the line? Dammit. They got Carol and Maggie... Too much, y'all... See you, next week!