Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why I will be called a Hater for this Post...

Welcome back, everybody!  Well, football over...there are 208 days until there will be another meaningful game will be played.  Sigh...Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens.  Enjoy your reign...Kansas City Chiefs...You are now on the clock!
After the game, my students had two questions for me, "Who did I want to win?" (49ers) and "What did I think about Beyoncé?"  (Good show)  They asked me why I hated Beyoncé.  How do you get that from "good show"?  They weren't around to see Michael Jackson's and half are too young to appreciate Prince.  Here is a fact Beyoncé is a tremendous entertainer.  She is a great dancer, a talented singer, and a beautiful woman.  That said.  I'm not a Beyoncé stan/fan/whatever.  It has nothing to do with the performance.  Nothing to do with the fact that she named her daughter after a plant.  Nothing to do with the fact that I will never look as good as she does, but then again who can?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Hello again, everybody!  Sorry I was MIA last week...Grad school takes precedence over practically everything these days...(4 more months!)  What has happened since we last met?  Donald Driver announced his retirement.  Ray Lewis was accused of taking some funktified form of a banned substance.  Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend was actually a dude pretending to be a girl.  Adrian Peterson won the NFL MVP and Offensive MVP.  Congratulations!!! Peyton Manning won Comeback player of the year.  J. J. Watt won Defensive player of the year.  Robert Griffin, III won Offensive Rookie of the year.  Luke Kuechly wons Defensive Rookie of the Year. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers had an interesting moment at the NFL Honors.