Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day Eleven: My Favorite NFL Players, Part Two

Last night, I posted my favorite retired NFL players.  Tonight, my favorite current NFL players.
#10-Matt Ryan-Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. Maybe it's his "aw, shucks" personality. Maybe it's the fact that he was Tony Gonzalez's quarterback for five years. I have always liked Matt Ryan. Although I'm not a Falcons fan, I wish Ryan could prove to be the player every one thinks he is. Wish he could have gotten TG that ring though.
#9-Aaron Rodgers-Quarterback, Green Bay Packers. It's because he's cute. At first, it was because I wanted him to prove that he was ready to step out of the enormous Bret Favre shadow, which he did spectacularly. Then, it was those stupid State Farm commercials, and he's cute.  I really need no other reason to watch him.
#8-J.J. Watt-Defensive End, Houston Texans. I just enjoy to watch this guy play. He just seems so excited to take the field every week. He clearly loves the game, and he is a monster on the field.
#7-Clay Matthews-Linebacker, Green Bay Packers. Because he's hot. Sure, he's a great player, but it's because he's hot.
#6-Derrick Johnson-Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs defense is where it's at. I love watching DJ take down a quarterback.  Can't wait for him to return to the field this year.
#5-Drew Brees-Quarterback, New Orleans Saints.  Enjoyed him as a Charger, and even more as a Saint. It was his generous acts during and after Hurricane Katrina that made me love the guy. Not to mention, Drew Brees is a heckuva quarterback.
#4-Jimmy Graham-Tight End, New Orleans Saints. First, it was his back story, and then, it was his play.  The guy may not be the traditional quarterback, but watching him play in person, he is amazing. Plus, he gives me a cute Tight End to watch now that Tony Gonzalez is on the NFL Today on CBS.
#3-Tamba Hali-Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs. Liked him before Hard Knocks: the Kansas City Chiefs, loved him after.  Like Derrick Johnson and Derrick Thomas, I just love watching Tamba break an offensive line and destroy a quarterback. One of the leaders of the that Chiefs defense.
#2-Justin Houston-Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs. This guy is a monster.  A pure monster, and if he stays healthy.  Whooooa, Nelly!  22 sacks this year, and if J.J. Watt hadn't had an uber-great season, he could have easily won Defensive Player of the year. To quote Deion Sanders, "Pay the man!"
#1-Jamaal Charles-Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs. Haven't been this fond of a running back since Marcus Allen to the field for the Chiefs. J. Charles is the best thing about the Chiefs offense, no offense to Alex Smith and the WR corp who can't score.  One of my favorite J. Charles memory happened September 22, 2013.  It was my first time attending an NFL game, and J. Charles scored a TD after a 91 yard run. Scored it right in the end zone where I was sitting. I don't think I have ever heard the Super Dome that quiet. A great memory from a great player.

Until next time, "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."-Vince Lombardi

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