Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dead Viewing: Season 6, Ep 4: "Here's Not Here"

***There will be spoilers, so I would turn back now if I were you***

Hey, Dead Heads! I'm back! Okay, I flaked out last week, because I really, really just wanted to watch The Walking Dead and live tweet. It's hard to blog, tweet, and watch at the same time, and I always felt like I was missing something. So, I started the night rewatching last week's episode "Thank you," and I must say that I hate Nicholas with every fiber in my being I hate Nicholas. He is the single most useless character to ever utter a line on this show. He could not do runs properly, he almost shot Glenn, and he couldn't even commit suicide properly.  His death may have caused the death of one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead-Glenn Rhee. I honestly have not accepted the death of Glenn, until I see evidence, I will not. Man, I hate Nicholas.

Morgan, seriously man, you are the reason that Rick is now disabled in the RV because of the attack by the wolves that you let get away. I need you to hang out with Carol for a bit and get your killing legs back. Speaking of Rick, did he not see all of the sparks flying from under the dashboard. Did he really think that thing was going to crank.

Now, the 90 minute super episode starts. This is a present considering we usually only get these at mid-season or the finale.

Did Morgan not kill that wolf?  Is that who he is talking to? We are going back to when Morgan cracked up after Rick and Michonne left him. We are going for a 90 minute flashback into Morgan psychosis, and I'm all for it. You know, we really should not be spending all of our time with Morgan saying, "What the he doing?," but I feel that we will be saying that every moment of this episode. What is he doing making zombie candles? What? Yikes, he just took that dude out with a stick to the throat, and choked that discount Ralph Macchio. Morgan looking at the flowers is a whole lot different than Lizzie looking. Clarity? He is just going to kill this guy and take his goat. Did the dude really offer him falafel? Is the falafel dude Twisty from American Horror Story? Just googled it. Ah-ha!! John Carroll Lynch who played Twisty the clown will be Morgan's Obi-wan Kenobi!!!

Just gonna lock a brother up, huh, Twisty? Annnnd Morgan's cheese is officially off the cracker. Apparently, Ezekiel was a fan of early 80s Victor Newman. Okay, his name is Eastman and he is a forensic psychologist. This whole cage is really sketch. He diagnosed Morgan with PTSD. Have you not seen the world doc? Everybody has it. "I'm going to kill you"-Morgan and of course Rick's favorite line. You mean to tell me, I could have left here a long time ago? What the... Uh-what was that?

So after a choking battle, the psychologist wins, and Morgan is asking to die. I don't understand why he wants to help Morgan so badly. Now he is telling his story. Dude is just vague. So, Eastman just leaves him? What the crap? Why would he leave this place that is somewhat secure? Makes no sense? Eastman returns after Morgan finds his "walker graveyard," plus the dude is collecting all of their driver licenses like trading cards. Who does he plan to give them too?  He chastises Morgan for the damage he caused while trying to save the goat and gave him the Bo staff that Morgan is now using.

I see Morgan had his farmer Rick phase. Now, the philosophy of Aikido begins for Morgan, and they moved the goat indoors I see.  Now, we will learn about the cell. The crook killed his wife, daughter, and son. What a butthole? I have come to believe that all life is precious-Eastman, which is why they are eating oatmeal burgers. So, I wonder what happened to Eastman? And that's what happened to Eastman. The guy Morgan choked to death came back to kill Eastman. So, basically Morgan pulled a Carl and got Dale, I mean, Eastman killed.

Eastman's impending death messed Morgan up again. And now the goat's dead. Wait, Crighton Wilton's name in on a grave! The guy who killed his family, and he let him starve to death in the cell. Took the killer 47 days to die.

Eastman gave him the rabbit's foot. The lady gave him the soup and the bullet. He buried Eastman before he left to go and find people which led him to Rick. Why is he still talking to this fool? Morgan is going to have to kill this guy. This Wolf is a lunatic. Morgan . You are going to have to kill this dude. I can't believe Morgan let this dude live again. That's it for this week! See you, next week!!!

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