Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dead Viewing: Season 6, EP. 8: "Start to Finish"

Well folks, we have made it to the mid-season finale. You know, I miss the good old days when television shows would take a two month sabattical in the middle of the season.  Back then, they would show 4-6 new episodes, then a re-run or two, a few more new ones, a re-run or two, always taking Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks off, returning with new episodes after the new year. Then, re-running the whole season in the summer so that those of us with bedtimes and jobs could catch up with our favorite shows before the new season started. Not any more. Now, we get eight-ten episodes two months off, the end of the season, and a 5-6 month wait to start again. I generally hate this. Yeah, I love Netflix and Hulu, but I really miss those days.

So, I wonder who will die tonight. Mid-season has taken walker Sophia, Hershel, the Governor, Beth at the mid-season (and technically Tyreese). I'm thinking it will be somebody who will affect the group, but not the viewers. Here's who I would like to see go: Ron, Enid, Gabriel, Spencer, Deanna. I think Abraham, Eugene, Tara, Sasha, or Rosita may be out of time. I bank on Rick, Carl (although I expect him to get hurt), Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Carol, and Maggie to make it. I would not even surprise me to see Morgan die tonight, simply because he will not take a life. Seriously, I need Ron to join Andrea, Nicholas, and Lori in the hereafter, he can take Gabriel with him, because f-that dude. I'm really nervous about tonight y'all.

It's almost time. Here come the balloons and the church tower.

This same kid is playing "Tip Toe through the Tulips," I'm done with this kid. Ants are crawling down the wall. People are falling. They almost got Deanna and Maggie. Maggis is by herself on a watchtower. Eugene is freaking out! So Eugene was calling for help. That was the voice that Daryl heard. I expect the surprise guest to be someone who dies tonight.

Enid really needs to get over this emo trip. I still think she is an unmarked wolf. Sam has slipped into Lizzie land. This Wolf is going to kill Denise. This dude is so off.  Well, it was nice knowing you Denise. Let him die, Denise!!! Oh, no Deanna has been bitten, well she's out of here. See ya, later Danielle Melnick.

Deanna is right to tell Michonne that saving Alexandria is not enough that she has to want for herself, too. Ron is so freaking annoying. Could he just die already? This dumb a** might as well just open the door for the walkers. I love that Carl just made Ron hand over his gun, before informing him that his dad was a butthole. 35 minute in, and nobody has died yet; I mean, Deanna, but she's not dead yet.

Judith is the worst time crying kid ever. Where is Deanna? Leaning over the crib. Oh, I thought she was a zombie, too, Rick. Deanna is really turning the reins over to Rick. Don't leave the baby with her Rick! Honestly, I would be Eugene in the zombie Apocalypse. Tara is ever the rah-rah cheerleader. Eugene: "Lock picking is within my skill set." I need Carol to be okay. Where did Carol go? Man, really Morgan, you fell for that? Carol is about to kill ole dude. Morgan really, man? Carol will kill you Morgan. I repeat she will kill you! I like Morgan, but I'm with Carol on this. Gabriel is such a putz. What about the baby? How are y'all going to get the baby out? Deanna won't let Michonne do her in. Someday this pain will be useful to you. and give them hell. Goodbye Deanna. Sam is going to die, y'all. Dammit, Morgan. Morgan has gotten himself and Carol killed. C'mon, man! Somebody kill this dude!!! Well, Denise it was nice knowing you. There is Glenn and Enid in the tree. I'm a little pissed right now. They are leaving the house covered with zombie guts trying to be quiet and then Sam decides to talk. I hate this. This was such a crap ending. No Daryl, No Sasha, No Abraham? Ugh! Now, we have to wait until February. See ya then guys.

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