Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 7-"Heads Up"

Welcome back, everybody! The good news is that is almost time for The Walking Dead. The bad news is that there are only two episodes left until the mid-season break, and then, no The Walking Dead until February. So, we learned this week that the guy who stole Daryl's bike is named Dwight, and that he was mixed up with a pretty bad group in the comics. Yeah, that voice at the end of last week's episode was certainly not Glenn.  We open with Glenn. He got under the dumpster. Man, having to stare at Nicholas's stupid face. That's Enid?  Where the hell has she been? There is something hinky about Enid. I trust her about as far as I can throw her. Glenn has already survived the worse, not he is going to be like Daryl and get hurt chasing this girl.

Rick and Morgan are about to have a come to Jesus meeting. Maggie is keeping watch for Glenn on the wall. Glenn had to kill the zombie friend that Michonne's group had to leave behind. Gabriel around like a freaking stalker. I only hate him slightly less than Nicholas. Ron is going to be the fool to draw the walkers into Alexandria. They are interrogating Morgan about letting some of the Wolves go. Morgan is going to be a casualty. He is going to end up dying like Hershel and Dale. Rick asked him if he can get along without getting blood on his hands. Morgan says, he doesn't know. I say let him hang with Carol for a while.

Rick is still plotting to draw the walkers out, but he still does not trust the people from Alexandria. Let her go Glenn. Let her go...Enid pulls a gun on Glenn, but calls him a butthole when he takes it from her. I really hate Ron and Enid. I will not miss them when they die, and way to be responsible gun keeper. Enid and Glenn have made it to Alexandria, and now Spencer is trying to zip line out.  Why is he so dumb? He should die on principle. Tara helps to save kill walkers while Rick and the rest pull stupid Spencer back over the wall. Why are they so stupid?

Come on Morgan, don't save the wolf. Cut your losses on this one. Uh-oh. Carol is going to figure it out. She's gonna kill that wolf. Carol is checking them out with the baby in her arms. Ron is stalking Carl with a gun. Yeah, this kid has to die. Enid and Glenn released the balloons. Oh, hell the walls have come down. The mid-season final is next week!

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