Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dead Viewing: Season 6, Ep. 6-"Always Accountable"

Episode six is about to start, and I really can't help thinking that we are almost at the mid-way finale and only one day has passed this season.  Plus, it's been two episodes without Carol and barely any Michonne. I must say, that I hate the split up episodes the most. I like my Walking Dead family near to each other. Sasha, Abraham, and Darryl are still leading the rest of the walkers from Alexandria. Who is shooting? Are these more Wolves? Well, Sasha and Abraham took care of them, but Daryl has gotten separated from Sasha and Abraham. Daryl collapse in a woods that has been burned out, and lands next to a burned out walker in a motorcycle helmet.

There are a lot of skeletons out here, and Daryl is pretty messed up. Daryl has a some type of wound on his arm. Maybe a gunshot? Daryl just got clocked. Who are these refugees from O Brother, Where Art Thou? Well, I don't think they are Wolves. Well, I still don't know who those people are but apparently they lost Patty, and Daryl escaped to take a long time to kill a walker, and realized that he has stolen ole girl's insulin. I don't blame Daryl for running, but man, is he going to take it back? So, who is this merry band of half-wits that Daryl is rolling with?

Sasha and Abraham as a team is an interesting mix. That military uniform is bringing back memories for Abraham. Sasha is playing psychiatrist with Abraham. Abraham has no chill. "Loose ends make my ass itch." Daryl went back to help them, but somebody else is there. Daryl just can't help helping people. One of the bad guys just got bit, and Wayne, whoever he is, just took his arm off before leaving and telling his friend to walk it off. Wait, what? The forest refugees couldn't believe Daryl came back, and asked why. In typical Daryl fashion he answered, "Maybe I'm stupid, too."

Back to Sasha and Abraham at the office. Question, how did they get a Humvee up there? Bad Idea Abraham. What the hell is he doing? Guess he doesn't want to die after all. Well that's one way to get the missile from the walker. Is Abraham macking on Sasha?

Tina and them are a little on the slow side. Well, they got Tina. She just sat there and let that happen. They had to bury little Tina. Now, they are going to highjack Daryl. I hope they both die. Daryl found their gas truck. I guess that's who Patty was, and has found Sasha and Abraham. Oh, so now they need Daryl's help. I bet that's the dumbasses who stole his bike. So, until next week. I'm off to watch Into the Badlands.

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