Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dead Viewing: Season 6, Ep. 5: "Now"

Welcome back! Didn't rewatch last week's episode, so I'm jumping back in to this week's which is beginning with Deanna in a daze and people stacking bodies after the massacre by the Wolves. Apparently, this is the same day of the attack. Miraculously, Rick survived the onslaught of walkers, and it was him yelling at the end of last week's episode. I am wondering how the hell he managed to get out of the RV. Of course, at this point in the narrative Deanna is completely useless. (Off subject, I cannot wait until the series premiere of Into the Badlands).

So, we are gonna just stand at the gate biting our nails, Alexandria. Rick is giving his speech. Glenn and Nicholas ain't coming back, Rick. Gotta make this place quiet as a graveyard.  Aaron and Morgan really are getting on my nerves. Aaron at least admits part of the Wolf attack was his fault. Deanna on the other hand has lost what's left of her mind. They could just feed the walkers with the killers. These Alexandria people are the worse; it's like a city full of Nicholases. I really hate the people in Alexandria. They are like the people who put the dogs in the lifeboats on the Titanic. I do like that Spencer's balls have finally dropped.

Poor Maggie, no clue about what has happened to Glenn. They put Glenn's name on the memorial. Not cool man, not cool. Dude, Bob and Sasha couldn't stop her, what makes you think you can Aaron. Oh, he's going to help her. Deanna, needs to get herself to get herself together. Well, I spoke too soon? Spencer is plastered at this hour? Dude, needs some chill. Spencer is blaming everything on his mom, of course. Carl needs to get a freaking haircut. Ron is a little turd. So, he cares about Enid, but not enough to see if she is okay. By the way, this "fight" between Ron and Carl was one of the weakest things I've seen in a while, and that is including that sweet tea I had in California. I am beginning to detest all people named Ron.

The Doctor is a mess, and Tara is trying to keep the doctor up. Oh, they forgot to put down one of their friends, and Jessie had to take her down. Jessie has to talk them up, now. Man, Maggie is so loud down here in the sewers. Man, the slimy sewer walkers almost got Maggie. Why was she hesitating? She just has to get to Glenn. Sidenote: where is Judith? Did Jessie leave her kid in the closet while she is clearing? This walking in the sky extra is rather annoying, and I don't think I would want to see it. Well, Tara has a girlfriend? The doctor just kissed her after saving Sasha's real-life hubby whose  name I can never remember. I hate this for Maggie. She is accepting that she will never see Glenn again. Sam finally came out of the closet, but he will not come downstairs because everything has changed. Deanna hit that walker every where except in the head. Deanna looks like she is stepping down as Mayor of weak town.

Two weeks later, and we still don't know if Glenn is dead, but Maggie is wiping his name off the wall. So, Maggie is pregnant. Aaron making name suggestions. Rosita likes Spencer? Rick still has a thing for Jessie. Now, they are kissing, because she needs to know there is more. Man, it's been what 2-3 years since Rick's been with a woman? Deanna, are you with us now? Is that blood coming through the wall? Man, this is too much. We get to see what's up with Darryl, Abraham, and Sasha next week. WHERE IS GLENN???/ Until next week...

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