Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 6-"Swear"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***

Opening on the beach, with kids, and Tara is down in the water unconscious. Not a good sign to begin the episode. This group kills everyone who comes in? Still no snitches. The younger kid doesn't want to help the older one with Tara. I wonder what happened to Tara and where is Heath?

I would normally be watching my Chiefs on national television, but at the moment, I think it is best that I watch The Walking Dead, as the Chiefs basically turn in to the walking dead during national televised games

Eight rusty cans of okra and a bottle of aspirin is all they have found in two weeks? Heath took issue with the killing of the Saviors. Heath is still a little soft being in Alexandria. He knows that he has to chose to live. He is ready to give it up and go back. This waterfront crib is pretty nice. Tara is still unconscious. This teenager is taking care of Tara, who is not really unconscious. Nice fake out Tara, but why? Eww a raw fish. Tara now following the girl through the woods. This seems like a trap.  Yet, another community. So many kids? Where is she? There guards are pretty sucktastic. Are there only women in this community? tjeu jave weapons. What's going on? Why are they hiding and getting guns?  Well, clearly, they shoot first ask questions later. The girl who was taking care of her was named Cindy. I'm a little confused right now...Tara saying everything is cool, but they aren't buying her Tarantino impersonation. 

Did these ladies build the fort on the bridge? There is a sand pile on the bridge. Tara moved a bag in the sand, and oh my goodness, the sand was trapping walkers. Natonya and Beatrice. She got knocked off the bridge. Yep, they shoot strangers on site. Tara is such a weirdo. They are taking her out by night? What's happening?  

The men were killed and they were all that's left? She wants to recruit them to help Alexandria, but I don't fully trust them.  Poor trusting Tara. She may not make it to the next episode. At least she won't know what happened in Alexandria.  Tara flipping the bird to little Rachel the kid who tried to kill her twice.  This looks so suspect right now leading her back to the bridge. Ah, they were trying to kill her! These witches...Now, the Saviors killed every boy over ten, wth?!  They are savage more than savior. Cindy saved Tara again. Now, she's leading her to the bridge if Tara promises never to tell about their settlement. 

Tara made it through the sand walkers. Heath got caught up among the sand walkers, and Tara fell off the bridge. Aw, naw...I thought that was Heath was a walker for a minute, but it was a female walker. Heath's glasses were broken, but he is no where to be seen, and the RV is gone. Tara found a card with PPP on it. What does that mean? So, we have Hilltop, the Kingdom, Alexandria, the Fish people communities. Tara is still so positive, eating the salted perch getting a bobble head for Denise.  Tara has made it back to Alexandria, but now she has to get the worst news ever that Denise, Glenn, and Abraham are dead. Tara kept her promise to Cindy. Still no Heath...The fish community is Oceanside. Only two episodes left...Sigh. I just know somebody is going to die in the next two episodes...

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