Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 5-"Go Getters"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***

What's the over/under on a death tonight? Maggie is still alive, and so is her baby. So far...Dr. Carson insists that Maggie stay for the duration of her pregnancy.  They buried Glenn and Abraham at the Hilltop. Sasha found Hershel's pocket watch in Glenn's pocket. She said all Abraham had was a cigar.  I like the friendship between Sasha and Maggie. Hey, Jesus...Gregory is such a butthole...Sasha is looking at Gregory like who the crap you are talking to. Nah, Gregory, you are not a good guy.  

Back to Alexandria. Rick arguing with Carl again. Oh, no pecks on the cheek, Rick. Do the kiss right, even thanked her for it. Michonne, my girl! Carl looks like the girl all the mean girls pick on. Enid is trying to escape. Carl tells her he is not going to save her anymore. I still do not like nor trust Enid. Jesus is the Glenn of the Hilltop. "I just want to help." I want Greg and Negan gone. Sasha is Greg's an idiot. Maggie: He's a coward, and they are more dangerous.  Enid is an idiot. Who is this wrecking a perfectly good car?  Carl, of course. You only have the one good eye, Carl.  What is going on at Hilltop?  Fires and music and the gate is open? I bet Gregory did that. 

Why is Maggie so hard-headed? Maggie is already taking charge of Hilltop. I guess this present is from Negan.  Maggie is dribing a tractor. Maggie is such a bad ass. Where was Gregory when his people needed him?  Hiding while a pregnant Maggie, Sasha, and Jesus held it down.  Gregory is the worse. Then, the Saviors show up during his twisted negotiation. Cute little roller skating episode with Carl and Enid. The Saviors aren't as dumb as Gregory thinks. They know he has something to do with the Outpost deaths. He is probably plotting how to Narc on Sasha and Maggie.  

The saviors are surprised that the Hilltop could take care of the walkers. Gregory trying to pretend that he didn't know that the Outpost people are dead.  So, Simon is now going to be in charge of the Hilltop. Any hitches in the giddy-up? These guys...Gregory is trying to turn Sasha and Maggie over?  Jesus is telling him no. Maggie and Sasha were not in the closet.  Simon is asking Gregory to kneel.  Jesus is looking at him as if he is so pathetic. Carl is thinking the most stupid right now. He wants to kill Negan, but he will get everyone else killed. Enid is kissing him to try to convince him not to do something stupid.  Jesus has stepped to Gregory. Maggie just knocked the hell out of Gregory, and that dude took Glenn's Watch. Maggie told him call her by her name Maggie Rhee. Go ahead, Maggie!!!!

Sasha wants Jesus to find where Negan lives, but not tell Maggie. The balloons were for Glenn's grave.  Maggie gave Enid Glenn's watch. Sasha smoking Abraham's stoggie. Carl and and Jesus sneaking into the Saviors compound? What the what, Carl? Until next week!!!

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