Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Seven, Episode Three-"The Cell"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***

Welcome back, everyone! I feel that last week's happy little tryst to the kingdom is a short, little break in our collective misery, and this week will be a small walk through hell.

Why are we starting with Who's the Boss? Is this life with Negan, Dwight's view?  Is he sling blade? What's with the mustard? What's with the letters on these guys? Is that why the hanging dude had a letter X? He is eating eggs, but serving somebody dog food?  Oh man, it's Daryl, and he's naked. He is making Daryl Dixon eat a dog food sandwich delivered by Dwight. I hate Dwight with a burning passion. I want him do die a slow death as well.

Are they torturing Daryl with bad pop music? I mean, I would break if you did that to me.  Man, this easy street song is so freaking annoying. Who is this person singing this song?  I feel like Daryl will be George Michael Waking me up before you go-going in a minute. So Daryl now has a letter-A. So, his girlfriend is not dead?  He's ticked that she talked to Daryl. Negan's got the hook-up on everything. Poor Daryl. Where exactly are they?  What are they going to do?  You can be like the zombies, the runners, or like Dwight?  The Choices...

I hate this freaking song...already. I need Dwight to die at the end of that crossbow.  Negan is offering him a girl? He mentions that Dwight hadn't had any action since Eugene bit him downstairs. Serves him right.  Y'all, I'm ready to punch somebody because of this song!!!! Fat Joey didn't lock the door?  He had one job. Plus, how much electricity are they burning through in this camp? Well, that was nasty. I just realized that he is wearing Daryl's vest. I wonder what happened here? Where are these zombies coming from?  The girl found Daryl and told him to go back. that it will be worse if they catch him. that he won't be able to get away. Fat Joey. Why is Daryl so hard-headed? Daryl has a death wish man. Aaaaaaaannnnd there's Negan. Daryl, really?!?!

Get on your knees, Daryl. Just save it for another day. Just say Negan and spare yourself. I freaking hate Negan. All of his men are cultists. They say what ever he says. They even call themselves Negan. Daryl caught the bat like, caught the belt during a whooping. Now, Daryl is in for a beatdown. What happened to the bike? That was the guy from the chicken coop. Is Sherry falling for Daryl? I bet Dwight's been bitten. Serves him right. This guy is not buying into Negan's stuff. This guy is saying he would rather be dead than go back. This guy is saying that Negan is the monster not the walkers. Dwight is just as bad as Negan. Alright D, but you know there is nothing left. So, Dwight kills him? Daryl still has people to live for. I still think Dwight has been bitten.

Dwight's back and sharing cigarettes with Sherry.  He's courting death. Not this song again. I I really, really hate this song, and the monster who recorded it. Dwight is telling him he is lucky. Did he just put a picture of Glenn's body? Oh, I hate this piece of crap...Now, playing Roy Orbison? What the what? The Saviors are just a...Crying, really. Now, Daryl breaks and is crying.  Dwight is a wet turd, man...Negan wanted to marry Tina. That's why he and Sherry ran away. Sherry sacrificed herself to marry Negan save Dwight. He wants Daryl to take Dwight's place. Who are you Daryl?  Daryl refuses to say he is Negan.  Man, he is about to kill Daryl. Daryl is thinking about his "family." That's why he won't break. Daryl is gonna die man...Man, he brought ole boy back to be on the fence. What a piece of crap. I hate Dwight. I guess, we will get to see Rick's group next week. Shaking my head, y'all... See you, next week...

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