Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 4-"Service"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***

Hey, we're living on Easy Street...okay, I won't torment you with that song tonight. I haven't thoroughly hated a song with so much passion so quickly since Katy Perry's "Firework" earwormed its way into my life. I tell you, I would have broken a lot quicker than Daryl Dixon appears to be. Tonight, we get an extra 25 minutes of show. Hope it is a good one, but good one's usually means someone dies. Long as it is not Michonne or Daryl, I'm cool.

Rick and Michonne are still a couple I see, and apparently, he is sleeping a little to peacefully for her. What did she hide in the fireplace. OHHHHH a nice gun, I see. Where is she going? What is Michonne up to?  What is she keeping watch for? Are Rosita and Spencer still a thing?  Here comes Negan...butthole...Man, I hate that dude.

Funny thing, at the same time Negan said little pig, little pig let me in, the same line was dropped on Walker, Texas Ranger.  He is a little early with his Saviors. Daryl looks a hot mess. Man, I hate Negan.

Rick can't even talk to Daryl or Daryl loses a body part. He has Rick carrying his dang bat.  Who is this lady?  Dwight is such a pizza face butthole.  I want Dwight and Negan to die such terrible deaths. I want Daryl to kill Dwight, and Rick or Maggie to kill Negan, preferably both at the same time. Michone is not good with the gun, but the machete, she is very good at.  Well, she shot a deer.

They found Deanna's stash of videos. Man, Rick is so broken right now. He needs to get his stuff together. The Rick in that video is not entirely dead Negan, and you are stoking the fire. They are pretending that Maggie is dead. Carl is firing off at the people trying to get the medicine. Carl is showing that baby serial killer. At least Carl's hair is better. Where are the guns Rick? Thanks, Carl.

Well, Carl has messed up the gun situation.  Arat is the girl apparently. He insulted the woman, calling her fat. Rick is wants to rip Negan's neck out so bad right now.  They found Daryl's bike, but Rosita is still suspicious of the area. Spencer is so dumb. Like, Negan would not have found them anyway. Negan was already working his way to Alexandria, anyway.  They found out about the bazooka.  Michonne has those guns? Or Tara and Heath? Or Maggie and Sasha? Negan is threatening to kill Olivia the bookkeeper? Really? Neegan is a horrible person.

Hiding guns is not the answer. Rick is preaching to the people about the hidden guns. They just don't get that Negan is now in charge, and he sees the guns as a threat to his being. They realize that Michonne is not there. Spencer is so stupid. What is Rosita doing?  Are these the Saviors that came after them and killed Denise? Ugh, I hate Spencer. How is it that his dead brother was the smarter of the two?  How did he survive as long as he did?

Gabriel is sneaky as hell; he just crept up on Rick. Where does he come from no where?  They think Spencer has them? He's been hoarding food still?!! They found the guns. I hate freaking Spencer. Tormenting Enid for wanting to keep the balloons Glenn had given her. Just tell on Spencer. He's useless anyway. Threatening to kill Olivia unless he tells who had the guns.

Michonne does not want to cooperate, and Dwight is a .... I hate him riding off on Daryl's bike. Negan just continues to torment Negan. Rick is having flashbacks as Negan kills this walker.  Oh, Negan has to die if for nothing else, that last comment to Rick. "Vengeance for the plunderers." on the sign outside of Alexandria. Negan, that would be you...he needs to die a slow painful death...

Watching Daryl leave was depressing. Spencer is such a...Man, he is so stupid. Spencer is such a jerk bringing up Glenn and Abraham. Rick saved your stupid life. He wants to die. Ahhh, Rosita has the gun. That was one of their guns that Michonne had. Michonne is still wanting to fight. Rick is telling Michonne about Shane. Rick knows Judith isn't his daughter. Just admitted it to Michonne. Rick just wants to keep them all alive. Michonne is going to try, but she still wants to fight.  What's burning?  They just burned the mattresses.  I hate Negan. Well, we are off to the Hilltop next week...Until next week.

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