Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Seven, Episode 1: "The Day will Come When You Won't Be"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...
A child's nursery rhyme hasn't been made that creepy since A Nightmare on Elm Street's little jump rope ditty.  When we last saw our heroes, they were separated with Carol and Morgan on their way to what has to be the Kingdom, Father Gabriel in charge of the handful of people left in Alexandria, and the strongest of the warriors captured by Negan and his army. In an effort to get Maggie to the Hilltop Colony, our heroes, in their infinite wisdom, piled into an RV trying to get her help. Instead, they joined Glenn, Rosita, Michonne, and Daryl who had been captured by Dwight and Negan's Army.  Now, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Aaron, Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Sasha (did I miss anyone?) are on their knees at the mercy of Negan and his beloved, barbed-wired, baseball bat, Lucille. The season went dark as one of our beloved heroes died at Negan's hands, but which one?

After watching the preview trailer, I have concluded that it will be Abraham. Here's why. Rick has to watch, per Negan's instructions. Negan also said that they were to kill Carl if Rick got out of line. So, Rick and Carl are safe.  Daryl and Maggie are the walking wounded, so how would killing them make Negan look stronger and deadlier?  I'm eliminating all the women, because I have heard that he doesn't really do that to women. Plus, the bat is named after his wife. I don't think it will be Glenn, because even though he dies this way in the comics, the show likes to change things. For example, Andrea is still alive in the comics, and they have switched character outcomes before, like Dale, Carol, and Hershel. By the way, they already ticked people off with Glenn, so I don't think they want that again. Denise took Abraham's earlier death, plus Abraham looks like a real threat. He looks like he would rather die taking a chance slitting Negan's throat. He was also the one helping Rick carry Maggie. Who would be the better example? I'm left with Abraham who looks like the right hand man. Why does Negan have to be so evil and so handsome? PS...they had better not kill Daryl and Michonne.

Here we go, previously on The Walking Dead.  I'm not ready...Negan is such a butthole. Rick really has a pair, too.  He just saw somebody, A FRIEND, lose their head to a baseball bat, and he threatens to kill Negan. What is he going to do with Rick's hatchet?  Negan and Rick are now locked in the RV, and we are in a commercial break. I hate them so much right now...really. Y'all, they made us wait 7 months and now a commercial.

Rick and Negan in the RV. Negan has a pair, too. Leaving a hatchet within arms reach of Rick. This dude tore out a man's throat with his teeth. Negan is all bad with the gun, though. They are just screwing with us now...Flashbacks of each person through Rick's mind. He thinks he's breaking Rick right now. The Flashbacks are killing me..Negan threw the hatch out of the RV for Rick to fetch in a gang of walkers. It was on the roof, and they aren't going to let us know until the end of the show.

It was Abraham, who went down with a suck my nuts...Apropos. Adios, big read, I'm going to miss you and your one liners...Daryl just punched him.  Now, he is killing Glenn...Not Glenn, too!!! Why did they have to kill, two!!!??? Negan is going to die a horrible, horrible death at the hands of Rick Grimes. Negan has to die a horrible death at the hands of Rick Grimes...A horrible terrible death without weapons...I'm so angry right now...

Rick has officially lost it, and I hate to be Negan when he finds it...Rick just went to sleep. that alone says a lot about this dude. Negan is just rubbing salt. He is going to regret this in the near future. Why is he giving the hatchet back to Rick? I hope what is about to happen isn't what I think is going to happen...

What are they about to do to Carl? What is going on? He wants Rick to do what? What the what? Nah, man...Negan has gone to darn far...TOO FAR...Carol had to be crippled right now, cause she would have effed stuff up...He wanted him to chop off Carl's hand. What are they gonna do to Daryl?!!! Not Daryl, too!!! He is threatening to bring pieces of Daryl back? I hate that SOB..The last time someone threatened Carl like that, that dude had his throat bitten out...Rick is broken for the moment...just for the moment. Carol is on the bench...even with her crying breakdown, she is the real lethal weapon...

Abraham and Glenn are dead. Rick is broken. Carol and Morgan are MIA...I'm not in a good place right now. Carl is about to go full serial killer. Maggie is a strong woman telling them all to go back, and she is going to get to the Hilltop by herself. Rosita and Sasha making up. This is so sad...I'm crying now... Y'all...I'm sick watching them load up Glenn and Abraham...I'm sick...see y'all next week...

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