Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day Two: Being a Walking Dead Head

(Warning: if you have not watched the last several episodes of The Walking Dead, this may or may not contain spoilers.  No, I don't regret ruining it for you. It's been a week, get over it.)

Previously on The Walking Dead...

I look forward to hearing those five words every single week. I have watched every episode of The Walking Dead at least twice (except the Beth and Tyreese die episodes, cause too soon).  When the show first premiered, I didn't think I would like it. I mean, I have never been a fan of zombie movies, and although I'm a rabid Stephen King fan, I'm not a fan of horror movies, mostly because I've always found them so very, very cheesy.  Besides, I love Investigation Discovery.  Real life is far more scary than Freddy Krueger or Jason. 

Right away, I bought into it. Loved Rick Grimes from the beginning.  Waking from a coma to the nightmare that is the zombie apocalypse, Rick's sole goal was to get home to his wife and child. Then, you meet Morgan and his son, Duane who are struggling with the day to day life while his wife wanders the streets as a walker.  Hooked I say...

The reunions, the introductions, the Merle...the first season had me on edge every week.  What's next?  Who's going to live?  Who's going to die?  Is that Merle's hand?  The scrapes with the dead, the gore, Rick's emergence as the group's leader, each week had my heart-racing or wrenching, but always back for more. 

My favorites in our central group:  Rick (of course), Glenn, Daryl, Carol, and Michonne.  Glenn-who went from errand boy to a leader, Daryl-who went from a broken man who didn't want to feel to a man sensitive to others, Carol-who went from an abused mom to an all-around BA, and Michonne-she carries a freaking sword for her primary weapon, what's not to like?

There were those characters that I hated (not villains, cause those are necessary): Lori and Andrea. I don't really miss either of the most annoying characters on television.  There was that season on the farm that lasted too long, the time at the prison that lasted too long, the escape from the dentist chair that took too long...I'm still glad Milton bit her, just on principle...Not everything has been peachy. 

There were some deaths that were so sad-Jim, Jacqui, Dale, Sophia, Merle, Hershel, Mika, Bob, Beth, Tyreese...Those that needed to happen-Shane, Lori, Andrea, the Governor, Lizzie (that kid was soooooooooo crazy), those we are waiting for (that's you Gabriel), and those we are dreading, because you know those devious writers have more misery for our future.  I'm not looking for reality; I'm not looking for writing perfection; I'm just looking for my weekly fill of my favorite crazy group of zombie killers.

On that note, dear writers, can our crew catch a break? They have been running for so long, can they have a happy for more than 30 days? I know the walkers are always a threat, I know the crazy people are everywhere, but can we get a moment to breathe?  Some hope? A Bath?  What about Judith?  That is the quietest, starving baby ever...Will Carol and Daryl hook up, or Rick and Michonne?  I need some happy even if for just a moment.  Even if you don't, I'll be there every week.  Just no more back to back group kills, okay...

Oh, those devious Walking Dead writers...I'll see you Sunday night...

Until next week, "We are the Walking Dead." -Rick Grimes

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