Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day Five: Live Blogging The Walking Dead

Warning:  This post will contain spoilers...

I'm beginning by rewatching last week's episode.  I usually watch the previous episode every week, but the last two weeks, I've skipped the recap episode, because I'm still not quite ready to relive the deaths of Beth and Tyreese.

7:10-Gabriel is such a tool. Maggie doesn't know him and is in no way ready to confess to him.  I really loved this conversation between Michonne and Sasha, but Sasha really needs to tone down the hot head behavior.

I love Carol and Daryl together, but seriously, it has only been three "show" weeks since Carol was hit by a car. How is she moving about so well?  FYI, Daryl has to have one of the saddest cry faces in the world.

The trip-a-walker attack.  Less muss, less fuss, I always say, but of course, Sasha has to screw things up.  BTW, they are not doing a really great job hiding Sonequa Martin-Green's pregnancy. Her stomach is not that big, but you can still tell she's pregnant.

This Sprint narwhals commercial is terribly annoying.

7:20-Living in the zombie apocalypse is not something I would be good at.  I'm a lot like Tyreese except I would have been bitten during the first season.  I'm not about that walking around funky life. Seriously, you don't have access to pharmacies, and most of these girls are wearing boots.  I can't imagine the swamp foot in those shoes.

I read an article last week about the fact that most of these girls seem to have no body hair while the guys are all growing beards, except Eugene.  I have to admit that I wondered the same thing.  They really should have knarly armpits right about now.  Why hasn't anyone besides Abraham punched Eugene by now.  I just noticed that Rosita found real pants.

Bravo, Sasha for taking out the dogs.  Guess meats back on the menu, boys...that's what I like about Darryl, he doesn't really care where the food comes from just eats.  Noah, there is no sympathy in the I just ate Fido world you guys live in...Maggie still looks like she wants to punch Gabriel in his face as he burns his collar.

7:35-Daryl crying...can't really take that...
Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey, just stop, and Mcconaughey, eat a sandwich...
7:40-Eugene has the saddest little beard. Whereas, Rick's beard looks like a brillo pad.  I just realized the barn walker was covered with spider webs. "Some people can't give up, like us" great line Carol. No one really talks to Noah. Rick's "We tell ourselves, We are the Walking dead" speech ending with Daryl saying, "We ain't them." Perfect.  Even with Daryl looking at him like, "Rick, you just told the worse bedtime story, EVER!"

I cannot be the only person who finds the Little Sweet Diet Dr. Pepper commercial a little creepy.

7:53-Working together to keep out the walkers...the tornado really shish-kabobed  the walkers. This was a nice moment between Maggie and Sasha, right before Mr. L.L. Bean popped up. So, welcome  Aaron.  New episode is about to begin!!!

8:00-Judith says she doesn't trust him.  Did he really roll up with that little pea-shooter? Talk, talk, talk, then..Fist to the face...
Aaron really, REALLY, talks too much...This guy sounds so sketchy.  Seriously, they can't really trust him.  Michonne, "We can handle ourselves." Lori, has messed Rick up. Aaron, just shut up.  Rick, I will put a knife in the base of your skull. I just love Rick Grimes.

Rick still doesn't trust. Michonne is like Rick, you have to take a chance man. Rick is like, I'm going to trust you only as far as I can throw you. Woodbury and Terminus has Rick shook. On the real though, Rick and Michonne just need to go ahead and hook up.  The prison looked good, too.

Uhm...that is uber-nasty.  bloody Cadillac.  Aaron. we have to leave now. This is so messed up. This is why Rick doesn't trust people. Aaron.

Aaron, did you really think you would get away with your hands tied?  I noticed Rick's gun finally ran out of bullets.  Aaron's boyfriend...not that cute, really.

Rick is all out of chill right now.

The Washington Monument is still there.  Dale moment...when the RV breaks down...Rick wants to relax so bad.
This week ended with a glimmer of hope...See ya, next week!!!

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