Friday, February 20, 2015

Day Three: Uhmmmmm...yeah...

One thing I have found about this exercise is finding what to write about each night.  Most days I'm not even thinking about writing, because I'm thinking about teaching.  I don't always want to share every thing, because...well, that brings me to TMI, you know, too much information.

I have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but I don't really share a whole heck of a lot with people.  I throw out an occasional opinion, a witty quote, a sarcastic barb, but that is about it.  I think I have taken a total of 5 selfies in my entire Instagram life.  Mostly, because I don't like taking pictures of myself.  I hate taking pictures in general. In the last two years, I've been to Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, and there are barely photographs to prove that I was actually there. 

I have former students who follow me on most of these social networks, so I'm always a little leery about what I type.  I fully believe in the "think before you hit send."  I have seen the trouble that sending the wrong thing has cause other people.  Facebook is for birthdays and announcements for me.  There is just far too much political and racial animosity for me to spend any great deal of time on Facebook.

I love to talk about all kinds of subjects on Twitter, but during the school year, I always feel late to the party because, unlike many of Twitter faves, I'm not allowed to tweet at work.  As a matter of fact, all social media is blocked, so there is that. I can't even use Goodreads at work.  I get my news through Twitter, because I am so tired of news people.

I never thought, however, that I would ever say this. I'm sick of celebrities.  I mean, the "new" celebrity.  You know of which I speak-the people famous for being famous and their petty grievances. Today, I opened my Google news, and there were no less than three articles popping up about a rapper, his wife, his ex, and his sisters-in-law. Facebook, same thing...and then, Instagram. 

I don't follow any of these people, mostly because hearing them speak makes me wonder about the future of this nation and the people who want to be like them.  They have people really twisted into believing that money is the only means of success. Really? Why do you need to air your dirty laundry?  OH, that's right, the only way that you can stay have made a career off nothing. Turned nothing into a line of clothes no normal person would wear, turned nothing into a cable channel that makes a fortune off your "family antics," turn nothing into millions and millions of dollars that you throw away on frivolous merchandise that has no intrinsic value.  All while you have no values...almighty dollar...

The sad thing is that so many children look up to these people and feel that success means $4500 shoes on your feet, million dollar birthday parties for 2 year olds, and disrespecting not only yourself but everyone around you.  It all plays out as they throw shade at each other through social media. After spending almost 20 years teaching, it is amazing to see the Hollywood popular clique is still in high school trading insults over the internet.  Here is a tip about throwing shade.

And she never had to say a word...

Stay classy, social media world...

Until next time, "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."-Sophia Loren

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