Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day Eight: Questions

This will be an incredibly short post tonight.  I'm just posing some questions. They may be real concerns, curiosities, or what not...Honestly, I'm too tired to think right now...
  • When will the Kardashians 15 minutes of fame run out?
  • Why did I watch the entire season of American Horror Story: Freakshow, when I clearly did not like it, and it was horrible?
  • Why do the Raiders STILL suck? 
  • Why do so many people like the Dallas Cowboys or the Patriots or the Broncos?
  • What is Troy Roberts thinking when he gives that look to the people he is interviewing? (I'm thinking, "You're lying.")
  • Why was Jack McCoy always so angry on Law & Order?
  • Why can't Michael Irving carry chapstick?
  • Why is ESPN so obsessed with certain teams?
  • Why can't my Chiefs win a Super Bowl during my lifetime?
  • Why can't my Braves win another World Series?
  • Why isn't it spring break already?
  • Why am I addicted to Instagram?
  • What is the fascination with selfies?
  • Why did I loan out a Rihanna cd, and not even care that I didn't get it back?
  • Why is the Sex Box an actual television show?  I need the person who pitched that idea to negotiate teacher pay raises.
  • Why is Flo still doing Progressive commercials?
  • What is Rick Grimes' beard made out of?
  • Why did Glinda the good witch ask Dorothy if she is a good witch or a bad witch, yet she later explains that bad witches were ugly?  Is she casting shade on Dorothy or is she just blind?
  • What exactly was that accent Kathy Bates was going for on American Horror Story: Freakshow?
  • Why can't Hollywood stop making bad remakes?
  • Why can't Hollywood make a good Huckleberry Finn movie?
  • Why was Demi Moore cast as Hester Prynne?
  • Why were there three Hobbit movies?
  • Why can't I finish the Silmarillion?
Maybe I can answer a few of these. Here's hoping for a better post tomorrow.
Until next time, "Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."-Gilda Radner

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