Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 15: "East"

I'm not liking this intro to The Walking Dead. I fear we may lose a few people tonight. That was a really quick intro. So, now they are showing us how Carol is leaving.  Carol is tuning Tobin out. She is already detaching herself from everyone. Nothing good comes from a Johnny Cash open. Tara is going to flip out when she learns about Denise. This is a sweet moment between Glenn and Maggie. Daryl is still traumatized by Denise's death; he's holding on to the keychain she found. uh-oh, the Sasha and Rosita stare down. I really couldn't imagine fighting over Abraham. Michonne and Rick are sharing everything I see. Rick is just a little too confident. Daryl is going out again. This is not good. How would Rosita know where Daryl's going. I can't believe that Glenn is out, too. I have a bad feeling about this. Now, Morgan and Rick are gone. I have a really bad feeling about this. One of our friends will not be back tonight. Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, Morgan, Daryl, Rick, and Carol are all on the outside. UGHHHHHHH.

What kind of Mad Max Volkswagen is this? Oh-No...Negan's men. Nancy from Mt. Claire, really? Oh, they were heading to Alexandria? This is not good. Well, she warned you. Dang Carol is still a boss. So, Carol, once again has to kill a bunch of people by herself. Then, this dude just...really guy?

Enid is in the food dispensary; Carol is killing people right and left. Morgan and Rick are spitting philosophy. Is Carol on foot? Where did she go? Carol is a force of nature. She is just a boss. No, Rick, you really did start something you have no idea about. Damn, Daryl is after Dwight. Daryl is going to get them all killed. Glenn is right. This is just trouble waiting to happen. Daryl and Rosita are just going to keep looking? I don't like this. This splitting up. I don't like it. Dammit, Daryl!!! Now, they've got Michonne and Glenn are captured by Dwight. I need this dude to die right now. The woodland chit-chats really need to stop. The splitting up needs to stop.

Rick is looking for Carol because she is family. Morgan still insists that people can come back, but I don't think the Saviors could come back. There has been a slaughter here. What is going on?  Morgan would you please just stop that! Let him kill the buttholes!!!! Morgan, really? Are you freaking serious??!!! Rick's face just now was priceless. He could not believe this. Now, Morgan is leaving. Michonne did steal that protein bar. Morgan and Carol. Prediction: Rick will be captured. Morgan will find Carol, and like Terminus, they will save them from Negan, but not before somebody dies. This is crazy. We still have 5 minutes, and that crazy savior is still behind Rick.

Rick made it back to Alexandria, but I bet that guy followed him back. They know where they are. Maggie and the baby are in trouble. Michonne and Glenn are tied up. There is just too much to night!!! EFFing Dwight. Wait, What just happened? There was so much blood!!! This season finale is going to kill me.

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