Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 13: "The Same Boat"

I can only hope that this week's episode is as awesome as last week's. What will happen to Maggie and Carol tonight! I'm already on edge and the episode has not even started yet.

So apparently, their argument is the reason Maggie and Carol were captured. I didn't recall the rain last week. Dude should have not call Carol a bit. She's not going to forget that. Alicia Witt, I can take or leave. Usually she plays somebody who annoys the crap out of me. They have them at some sort of slaughter house?

Is Carol faking a seizure? Carol is setting you fools up. These are some nosy people. Carol is contemplating a way to kill bloody Mary and this fake thug.

Paula is a pill, or what ever her name is. Don't go over there messing Carol. This guy really wants to die. Seriously, what has happened to Carol? I'm really, ready for Carol to kill these fools. Wait, did this woman just say that Maggie's group is not the good guys? LOL...did she just call Carol pathetic. Girl, you are a dead woman.

This woman is missing a finger. Negan does not play, when you steal from him. He cut her finger off for stealing gas. Wait, one of the guys Daryl killed was her boyfriend. Well, too bad sis...

Rick is being so cordial tonight. We are all Negan? He has these people completely out of their gourds. Paula...why are you telling this to Carol? Carol hit double digits a long time ago. Carol is just stating facts. She tells her that she is going to die. She asks if Carol was going to kill her. Carol: "I hope not." Girl, Carol is going to kill you.

Man, I hate dialogue character building episodes. I need action. Come on! Some blood must be spilled besides this whiny guys...Man, Carol is already out.  Alright, Maggie she's dead. Ha-ha, Paula. who's pathetic now. Boy, Carol. She tried to spare Paula, but killed ole girl with a bullet. Bye bye, Paula. sorry you stayed so long. We are almost done. Man, freaking Carol is ruthless. Did Maggie and Carol just switch roles. Aw, Daryl and Carol. Man, they took the wrong set of chicks tonight. Primo, you better spill your guts. He's not Negan, though. Welp, bye Primo. You should have talked. Carol is going through some changes... See you next week.

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