Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 12: "Not Tomorrow Yet"

Well, Happy Homemaker Carol is back. Beet and Acorn Cookies, yummy? I have my doubts. Hilltop crew has made it back. Church meeting in an hour. Carol, the baking was fun while it lasted time to pull out the buck knife. The relationship between Morgan and Carol is freaking weird. Aww, she left a cookie for Sam. Didn't deserve it... (Stop being petty, the kid is gone let it go, D.)

Morgan is just...I get it, but really, talking to the Saviors. Rick is like, uhm, talk? WTF, Morgan? You don't have to fight, but you have to accept it. I have a feeling that they have been teasing Glenn's death, because they are going to do a switcheroo and have Morgan die in Glenn's place at Negan's bat. Maggie wants to go fight while pregnant. Carol and Tobin seem to have a connecting. Sooooooo. Get ya, some Carol.

What is Abraham doing? He is breaking up with Rosita the night before a fight? Why are "dingleberries brown" really Abraham? Man, this is cold Abraham. Eugene is the most awkward person ever. How are you going to ask about a damn cookie while she is just breaking up with her man. Everybody is coupling up. Rick is over here plotting this attack like it's a game of Risk.

It'll be harder to see me in the dark. Nice, Gabriel. I still don't like you. Rosita is pissed at Abraham and wants to kill Morgan, too. Rick is basically. We want to eat. We have to take these people out. I don't get Maggie being here. Rick has no chill at all.

These dudes have a freaking fortress. They have about as much chill as Abraham. These Saviors are buttholes for reals...Daryl just jumped out and killed ole boy. Michonne is just sliced and diced that Johnny Kemp look alike. The Saviors guards are freaking weak man. Our guys just slipping in and massacring people. C'mon Glenn you take too long. Guess Glenn might make it now since he has lost his moral compass. I'm telling y'all Morgan is going to get offed by Negan and Lucille. Our guys are really like Ninjas.  Just slipping in then a Dude taking a piss messes everything up. Man, man. I understand Carol not wanting Maggie in there. She wants her to me a real mom. Not an, I will cap a kid if I have to mom. I really am on edge now. Nerves are shot. So much happening. I really did not think so much death and destruction would happen so quickly. I just want to say that Jesus is a scary dude. One of our guys is gonna die tonight. They can't all be saved right? Of course Negan's Men have pot and weapons galore. Where did Jesus come from? Gabriel prayed for a savior before giving him a bullet for an Amen. He seriously Samuel L. Jackson'd this dude. I'm loving ole Gabe right now. Aaron and Tara are on the sofa. Tara and Heath still going out. I'm still scared for them. Morgan is building a jail cell. Who is the chick on the line? Dammit. They got Carol and Maggie... Too much, y'all... See you, next week!

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