Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 16: "Last Day on Earth"

As always, there will be spoilers, because these posts are my reactions to what is happening on The Walking Dead.

Well, folks, it's that time again-the end of another The Walking Dead season. I hate to use a cliché, but I'm already on pins and needles, and there are still 12 minutes until the show begins. What's going on with Daryl? I don't think he is dead, but how badly is he injured? What about Rosita, Michonne, and Glenn? Of Course the elephant in the room is the emergence of Negan. *Sidenote: AMC, did you really have to cast someone as hot as Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. I'm going to have a really hard time vacillating between I want you, and I want you dead. Cause, y'all know this guy is hot, right?

Is Morgan going to die messing with this damn horse? That's the guy that Carol left alive by mistake. Is he following Morgan or Carol? Who the hell is this running? Where is Carl going? They are freaking me out with the whistles. All the good warriors are going in the RV? This makes no...come on!!!  I'll be your anchor man. Eugene, man. There is too much tension, and the credits haven't even run yet. Just Survive Somehow...WHY IS EVERYBODY LEAVING?!?! WHO IS GOING TO PROTECT THE FORT?  Y'all are leaving Gabriel in charge?!! What the why?! Gabriel is wearing a Mr. Roger's sweater for goodness sake. Carol is still alive. She looks a hot a** mess. Who is this guy they are beating? Is he from the Hilltop or Alexandria? I'm not going to even speculate on who will die tonight. Where is Heath and Tara?

Rick actually comforting somebody. She might die. Rick is the only character that I think is safe tonight. Abraham just has such a way with words. What the b**ch? The Saviors really are not that bright. Rick is at the I don't give an eff point right now.

Carol and Morgan...They want each other. There is so much tension between these two. Abraham is talking future actions with Sasha? Babies? Nah...One of you isn't coming back.  Really, Abraham? They are not going to return fire? How many roads are they going to go down tonight? HOW MANY ARMED POSTS DO THE SAVIORS HAVE? They are like freaking roaches...

Well, there's that guys friend the Saviors strung up.  Why did Morgan feel the need to cut him down? Aaaaaannnnd Carol's gone, again. Come on Carol. That Horse is still alive? these dudes have set up a zombie blockade? They put Daryl and Michonne's things on the zombies to let them know they have them. These Saviors are killing me. They cut Michonne's hair. They are dead meat.

They are lined up like cheerleaders on the road. Morgan walking around with this loud a** horse. I guess Carol got the dude that was following them.  Nope, she didn't get him. Crap. He just dropped the rosary. Seriously, he just shoots Carol?!  I have to believe that Morgan will finally see what Carol means. Having to kill for someone you love. We only have 38 Minutes left. This is how it opened. Who is in the barn?

Come on, she should have lost that baby by now. Maggie should have lost that baby by now. This guy doesn't really know what to do with Carol. There is Morgan!!! Who are these people in the laser tag outfits? The Saviors are true pieces of crap. Why are they wasting all of these resources? Eugene is finally making sense, and then he didn't. Eugene is sacrificing himself for everybody. Awwww...I didn't think I would be that upset about Eugene, but I have grown to love this dude.

Nahhhhh, not the whistles!!!! These sons of bs... How did they already get the RV? I want Rick to kill this dude first. Yeah, Carl is going to kill you, bruh...this is Terminus all over again. Man, all of them lined up on their knees. My nerves are shot right now, and they left Gabe in charge of Alexandria. He can't rescue nobody!!! For reals, he is going to that dark place where he bites out throats.  You know, Michonne is going to kill that dude with her sword. Here's Negan...Seriously, why is he so hot. Negan is quite calm. This is Negan. I'm not liking this at all, but man, Negan is fine. Lucille is about to drink the blood of one of our beloved soldiers. Look at Carl, not even a little scared. Man, Negan, the suspense is killing me. Rick and Carl are just plotting. They are going to kill you, Negan. Not today. He called Carl the future serial killer. Man, We have to wait until freaking October!!!!!!  Who did he pick!!!! I freaking hate you!!! What the crap?!!!! I'm so pissed right now. This fade to black and with the killing off screen. I really hate this. Now, seven months to wait. I really hate this.

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