Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 14: "Twice as Far"

Welcome back, everybody! New episode tonight! I hate to say after last week's episode that I feel like someone important is going to die tonight, and I feel like it is going to be Abraham. Because, last week we saw the return of Daryl's bike. How long before we see the return of the crossbow and Dwight? So, Morgan was building a jail, because they want to have choices. Is it me or did they just show this. Are they showing that routine has come to Alexandria? I see that Carol still has that rosary.

Wait, Rosita is with Spencer? That was Spencer, right? Spencer doesn't get that he is just rebound play. I'm not sure about Carol and Tobin. I like these little moments between Daryl and Carol. Daryl has noticed the change in Carol. He knows that something has messed with her mind a bit.

Whose idea was it to let Eugene out on a mission outside? I'm not eating beef jerky strogonoff. eww...Who thought this was a good idea? Roamers. Dr. Denise wants to go on a run. Daryl is killing this truck. Denise looks like she is about to wet her pants. Well, we now know her parents were alcoholics. Daryl is done with railroad tracks.

Half the time I don't understand what Eugene is saying, but he is saying he is a survivor. Eugene is upset that Abraham just saved his life. Did Eugene just really say you have out lived your usefulness to me. So, Abraham is just going to leave Eugene alone? Just because he stood up for himself?  Abraham has just broken up the rest of this post apocalyptic version of Shalamar. 

Well, Daryl and team have hit the medical mother lode, but what is going on back here? Denise, why are you exploring? Apparently the owner of this particular store drowned one of her children. Wonder who Dennis is? Probably her dad or son. Oh, Dennis is her twin. Daryl comparing Merle to Denise's brother.  Denise what are you doing?  Come on, Denise. Stop!  That was some stupid crap, Denise. Just stupid, and then threw up on your glasses. What Denise is saying to them is truth. But, WTF?!!!! I wasn't expecting that. effing Dwight. Denise is Dead, and now they have Daryl, Rosita, and Eugene. Where is Abraham?  He killed Denise with Daryl's bow. Man, AMC, I didn't need to see it again so freaking soon!!!
What a piece of Crap. I hate Dwight. Oh, there is Abraham.  What Eugene? Really?  Did Eugene just bite him in the crotch?  Daryl has his crossbow back.  Nooooooooo!!! Eugene is shot, and they had to leave Denise behind.

They made it, but no, we have no doctor. Eugene, you apologize for questioning my skills? Eugene and Abraham are so awesome together. Uh-oh, Sasha and Abraham hooking up? Daryl must have retrieved Denise. Carol agreeing that he should have killed Dwight. Carol sent dude a dear John letter.  Wait, Carol's leaving? Why? I don't like this. I don't like this at all...

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