Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season Six, Ep. 11: "Knots Untie"

Last week was one of those episodes that started slow and ended on an upswing. We finally got the Michonne-Rick hookup that most of us wanted. We met Jesus, who immediately got on my nerves, and we saw the burial of the reanimated Deanna.

Here we go...Opening with Abraham and his inappropriate quotes. I love Abraham. C'mon, I'm liking Sasha and Abraham, but Abraham and Eugene has to be a funny moment. Okay, Abraham and Sasha have that look...and then, he hooks up with Rosita who has made him a charm necklace. Awww

Road trip. They have repaired the Winnebago and are taking Jesus back to his people, after that awkward moment when he called Michonne Carl's mom. Aww...Michonne and Rick. This car accident looks a little hinky, much like Jesus, himself. I'm having a really hard time calling this dude, Jesus.

I think your fiend may be dead buddy...Well, they have found some of Jesus' friends. We have a for real doctor. Freddy is out of it. Seriously, this RV is perpetually getting stuck. They've made it to the Hilltop group. Abraham has no chill. This guy is so sketchy. I'm not liking this dude. If he calls her Natalie one more time. Maggie needs to smack the crap out of this dude.

Gregory is a sketchy a**hole. Jesus has more faith in Gregory than I do. Rick is no playing with this fool. This group has been trading with Negan. This dude apparently doesn't know who they are messing with. Gregory is dying. These people have lost their mind. Did she really go after Michonne's man? She wants to die. Daryl with that armbar, though...

Our group is just, we will take out Negan. we aren't worried about that. I still don't trust Gregory. Daryl wants a cow. Maggie needs to just cap Gregory. Maggie and Glenn made pancakes. Y'all have a great night!

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