Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 6, EP. 9- "No Way Out"

Yes, yes, yes!!! Happy Valentine's Day to me as my favorite show returns!!! It has been a long two months without our weekly dose of Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Morgan, Glenn, Maggie, etc. I expect that there will be much carnage tonight as we last saw our heroes separated in the Zombie Parade through downtown Alexandria. Pregnant Maggie was precariously perched atop a platform surrounded by walkers. Glenn and Enid were outside the gates watching in horror. Deanna died, and Rick was leading his guts-covered group from Jessie's House after her moron of a son Ron started a fight with Carl which led to an influx of walkers into the house. Now, as they try to make their way through the walkers, Jessie's PTSD son Sam, finally decided that calling mom during the zombie walk was a good idea. On the other side of town, the suddenly stupid Morgan is trapped with Carol, Rosita, Eugene, as the Wolves psychopath walks out with the towns only medic, Denise.  As if that wasn't enough action, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were stopped along the road by some of Negan's men. I can't wait to see what second half to the season will bring.

There it is...Previously on The Walking Dead
Why didn't they just drive through the bikes? I already Hate Negan's crew. So, they are going to take them back to Alexandria. That should be interesting. This dude is talking about eating crap, threatening Abraham and Sasha. Daryl just creeps up with the Rocket launcher and blows them to hell. I love you Daryl Dixon. Best line ever..."Nibble on that." From Abraham.

Meanwhile in Alexandria...
I see they got Sam to shut the front door...So, they are going to round up the zombies, and leave the baby with Gabriel? This scares me more than Sam helping them out. I hope Morgan is over his case of the stupids. I can't believe that Denise and the Wolf are still alive. Why are Enid and Ron annoying? It's going to hurt me so bad when Glenn dies.

It got dark really quickly in Alexandria. Man, a little baby zombie. Too bad Sam and Jessie. He told y'all to keep moving. Let go of Carl!!!! Dumas, Ron threatening Carl, again, so Michonne has to kill him now, and he ends up shooting Carl in the freaking eye. The Andersons were the worse family every. I am so glad they are now gone. I do realize that we are the worse people wanting all the children dead. I don't really apologize cause they are the worse.

The Wolf is bitten. Can't say I'm sorry about that. Morgan and Carol need to get on the same page. Carol tells Morgan that she should have killed him. Denise, this wolf dude. Carol capped the Wolf. Here they come with Carl. Denise has finally realized that she is a doctor, and now Rick's cheese has slipped off the cracker again as he is on his way to kill as many as he can. Rick and Michonne need to just do it already. Gabriel has finally grown a pair. EUGENE-no body gets to clock out today!  Man, Glenn is piled against the wall!!! The Calvary has arrived. Sasha and Abraham taking down walkers!!!

Daryl and Glenn back together again. Daryl has a plan with that fuel truck but what? Daryl and his BA plans!!! They freaking took Alexandria back!!! Come back to us now Carl! I love the end of tonight episode! I'm so happy it's back!! See you next week.

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