Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 6; Ep. 10 "The Next World"

Welcome back, everybody! I missed the first minute of this week's edition. I'll catch it on the flipside, but I did see Michonne and Rick sharing quarters. Everybody giving Rick and Daryl lists of supplies for their roadtrip in a Chrysler 300. I'm one of the few people rooting, by the way, for a Rick and Michonne hook-up!

What did they do with all of the walker bodies, and where is Spencer's stupid self going? Man, Enid is freaking annoying. Spencer is the last of Deanna's family, and probably the weakest link of all. all that is not going to fit in that Chrysler. I believe nothing good will come from getting this truck. I just know it. So, who is this guy who tried to attack Rick and Daryl in the worse way possible, and over a freaking vending machine.

This guy can time walkers? So, this is the Jesus guy everybody talking about. What a butthole. So, Paul, AKA, Jesus, just stole Rick and Daryl's van. That's messed up man. What is Spencer up to? Why is he making these lonesome journeys into the woods. Seriously, why is everyone in the woods tonight? Now, Carl and Enid are in the woods. Well, Daryl and Rick just found the soda machine, and enjoyed. Speaking of which, when have you ever seen a snack machine with sodas in it? Plus, does Rick have to run in every episode?

I'm so sick of this emo girl Enid and her stupid pouty face. Why won't Carl kill this one? Oh, I get it. It's Deanna, and that is why Spencer is out there with the shovel. How did Jesus let Rick and Daryl run down a truck? They left this dude on the side of the road, and now he is on the freaking roof of the van? What the crap? Jesus is a such a tool! He caused him to lose the van! Plus, knocked his dumb self out!

So, it was Deanna, and that's why Spencer was taking trips to the woods. He wanted to be the one to put his mother down and to bury her. Seriously though, how did the walkers not eat Deanna? She was upstairs? Did they have somewhere else to be? Awwww, Michonne telling Spencer that he still has a family, and he still has a home. Man, Daryl hates Jesus. Awww, Carl saying it had to be family. Although, It's a little creepy that he told Michonne that he would put her down.

Rick and Daryl's relationship. Now, a moment with Rick and Michonne. YESSSSSSSS!!!! Rick and Michonne finally happened!!!!!! So, Jesus gets out and sneaks up on Rick and Michonne! What the crap!!!! Oh, man!!!! I can't wait until next week! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

See, you next week!!!!

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