Sunday, October 11, 2015

Live Blogging: Season 6 Premiere of The Walking Dead

Welcome back, everyone! I can't believe that the premiere of Season 6 of The Walking Dead is about start in 10 minutes!!! I, for one, cannot wait. I'm watching the finale before the season starts. I'm reminded that I still hate "Father" Gabriel. I hope Gabriel joins Andrea and Lori tonight. Sasha should have shot Gabriel.

Five minutes until The Walking Dead!!!!
I'm cool as long as my faves make it through the season: Michonne, Rick, Glenn, in that order.
Here it is, "Previously, on The Walking Dead."
What is going on? What are they practicing? I'm confused. I'm not sure what is going on is this some kind of Horde practice in case they get into Alexandria.
Deanna, we could have told you Gabriel is always wrong, ALWAYS...
I forgot about Tara's head wound.
I love Glenn so much. Tara and Eugene are the weirdest couple ever. Morgan and Rick-The band's back together. What the crap is up with Abraham?  Hey, heyyyyy, there Daryl.
I'm thinking the Flashbacks are to what has happened since the season ended in Alexandria. The Color is happening "now." Morgan with his Yoda stick. Heath. I don't think I've ever med a black dude named Heath, but I like him, though his dreads are suspect. He's looking at Eugene like, "Are you stupid or something?" Who is the "Common-looking" dude?
Deanna is cold man, "Let the trees have him."
Morgan reminding Rick that they are all killers. Morgan and Michonne, did you take one of my Protein bars? I like these scenes with Morgan and Rick. Why are the kids so stupid on these shows?
For the life of me, I can't remember "porch dick's" name. That was a quick 30 minutes.

What are they doing?
Ron is as dumb as his dad.
Nick finally figured out that Glenn knows what he is doing. Well, of course there is a fence behind the doors. We can't have easy ever. So, just found out from Sonequa Martin-Green's twitter feed that Heath's friend Scott is her real husband. Yes, yes I am tweeting, too. Because, yes.
Y'all, Heath's hair is so suspect. They couldn't find the person who did Michonne's? I really need Carol to get a haircut.
Dude, you really want to get your butt kicked talking to Rick like that. I love how they just shoot Gabriel down. And of course, we aren't going to ask how the balloons are up.
Not liking, Pete 2. These zombies are in bad shape if a bump on the head can take them out of the game. Tara missed a lot. It wouldn't surprise me if Tara tries to kill Nick.
Awww, Maggie has adopted Tara as a sister. Nice bit of work, Glenn, Heath, and...Nick.
Is Morgan flirting with Carol? Abraham has no chill. Abraham is a lunatic. He hasn't been right since Eugene told the truth.
The Alexandrians are the weakest people ever. "Help me?" Freaking really.
I'm insulting the Alexandrians, but on the real, I would probably be that weak.
Where is Carl? He better not be hugged up with some little girl. Eugene is the worse. He really is.
The hell is wrong with you, Carter?  Really, Carter, have you lost your mind? Clean-up in the pantry. Y'all know Carter peed his pants. You could probably kill this year's walkers with a paper clip.
Well, Carter's dead. Rick was right. Just stab him in the head! Morgan, on the low, still doesn't trust Rick. I still don't like Jessie. There is so much going on right now. I don't think I can handle this all season. Where is that horn coming from? Who is blowing the horn in Alexandria? Dude, this is not going to end well.

Until next week, Catch your breath...

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