Sunday, November 4, 2012

NFL Week 9 Picks

Sigh...oh, brother...Happy Late Halloween, everybody!  It's almost Thanksgiving which means the season is almost over for the Kansas City Chiefs.  This season...yeah, there is no excuse for the Chiefs.  On paper, they look like a good team, but looks can be deceiving, like Rihanna looks like a good singer, but isn't, but I digress...The only thing scary about my Halloween was three outlines for an essay portfolio, a 4-page paper, and two opportunities to watch the Chiefs lose in the span of 4 days.  Amazingly, the Chiefs have won one game-the one I attended in New Orleans.  Number one pick, here we come.

My weekly TG moment.  Did you see Tony Gonzalez get a personal foul during the Atlanta/Philly game Sunday?  I don't really know or care who Trent Cole is, but clearly, he doesn't know that he shouldn't step to Mr. G.  That dude is going to be a Hall of Famer, Trent.  You just don't do that...EVER.  I think your mouth wrote out a check your butt couldn't cash, and I enjoyed it.  Feisty, Tony.  Then, after throwing down with Mr. Cole, Mr. G. went all "Get off my front porch, whippersnappers" with the lack of media coverage that the Falcons were getting after slapping Philly around.  Why are y'all trying to rile up, TG? FYI: TG is still, STILL, Matt Ryan, one touchdown away from 100.  Is it wrong that I kinda wish he wouldn't get it until next week, when I'm in New Orleans, watching him play the Saints? Oh, yeah, he's also four catches away from having 15 straight years with at least 50 receptions. 

Ah, anyway it is week 9, and at this point there are several teams who are sinking along with the Chiefs-Jacksonville, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Cleveland,, I trying to keep on the sunny side.  I don't really like it there.  Fantasy fans:  St. Louis, New England, NY Jets, San Francisco
have the week off.  Last week, I went 8-6, bringing my record to 70-48.  By the way, I'm not picking the Chiefs for the rest of the year. Not gonna do it...

Sunday, November 4

Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals:  Denver
Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns:  Baltimore
Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans:  Houston
Miami Dolphins vs. Indianapolis Colts:  Miami

Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers:  Green Bay
Carolina Panthers vs. Washington Redskins:  Washington
Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans:  Chicago
Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars:  Detroit

Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks:  Minnesota
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders:  Oakland
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants:  New York

Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons:  Atlanta

Monday, November 5

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints:  New Orleans

Thursday, November 8
Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars:  Indianapolis Colts

That's that...Until next week, I'm going to sign off with Coach Herm Edwards and the 10th Anniversary of "You play to win the game."

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