Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!! NFL Turkey Day Picks...

Hey, Hey, everybody!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

I really am not the only one a little confused about what is going on in the NFL, right?  I really am at a loss for the season that is unfolding before us.  Okay, I thought that the New England, Houston, and Baltimore, but for some dumb reason, the homer in me picked the Kansas City Chiefs as my AFC West Champions.  Yeah, those 1-9 Chiefs.  The same Chiefs whose fans split the stadium in black (for mourning) and red (to match the seats).  The SAME Kansas City Chiefs who did a choreographed touchdown celebration on a touchdown that didn't happen.  The SAME KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Mr. Loren G. "Sam" Lickteig blamed partially for his death.  RIP Mr. Lickteig. 

The AFC West is the hot mess of all of the NFL Divisions.  The Denver Peytons are the only team in the AFC West with a winning record.  San Diego has forgotten how to play.  Philip Rivers has forgotten how to throw to the Chargers.  Carson Palmer is apparently modeling his career after Philip's dropping passes to other teams.  The Chiefs, well, they continue to flip a coin between equally mediocre quarterbacks.  It is the American Horror Story.

My NFC picture is fairing much better, even though the New York Giants continue to want to give the East to the Dallas Cowboys who apparently don't want it either.  The Falcons recovered to win, even though Matty Ice...yeah...I'm not going to do that anymore, Matt Ryan threw 5 interceptions in that game.  Arizona...come here for a minute (slaps in the back of the head)...HE THREW 5 INTERCEPTIONS!!! And y'all still lost.  The 49ers laying the smack down on the Bears without Jay Cutler.  Yeah, my NFC picture is fairing pretty darn well :)

So, what are my thanks as far as football is concerned?
I'm thankful I was able to see the Kansas City Chiefs play in their only win of the season.
I am thankful that they only have to embarrass me for 6 more weeks.
I am thankful that I finally got to see my favorite player Tony Gonzalez play before he retires, and I got to see him score touchdowns #100 and #101.
I am thankful that Jimmy Graham is in the league...I'm going to leave it at that.

Here are my Turkey Day Picks...I'm high on Pecan Pie, so they are bound to be wrong.  I went 10-3 last week although Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay wanted to give them away.  My record is 97-61 on the year.  So, here we go...

Houston vs. Detroit:  Houston
Washington vs. Dallas:  Washington
New England vs. New York Jets:  New England

Before I sign off, I would like to say I am thankful and blessed to have my family, a job I love, great co-workers and students (past and present) to work with, friends old and new, and the ability to continue my education.  I know there are many people in the world who have so very little, and I may not have a lot, but I have just what I need.  Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!!! Until Sunday,  "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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