Sunday, September 29, 2013

NFL Week 4 Picks...

There are a lot of NFL fan bases are shaking their heads in disbelief this Sunday morning.  The Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all in the basement looking up with 3-0 records. None of them appear to be able to get their collective acts together.  Tampa Bay feels that a change at quarterback was necessary, so they have benched Josh Freeman and are starting rookie Mike Glennon today.  The Giants are headed to Arrowhead to take on my Chiefs, who are surprisingly 3-0.  Eli Manning and company have all been wearing the Manning struggle face, and I don't think the Barbeque in Kansas City is going to change that.  At least with Pittsburgh and Minnesota, one of them will leave London today with a win, unless of course they tie, which would make this game even worse.  Who knew when the NFL booked this game that the records would smell like three day old fish and chips?

Ah, yes, the Atlanta Falcons, I...what...why can't the Atlanta Falcons close a freaking game? I mean, really...This is not new in the ATL.  They seem to take the third quarter off of ever game.  FYI, Falcons fans, y'all really need to chill with the Tony Gonzalez bashing.  Dude was only targeted 5 times last week, only once in the second quarter. Plus, he's spending way too much time on the line blocking (really, he's an okay blocker, but we all know that really is not his thing), and defenses can double and triple him up thanks to Roddy White's ankle.  He is 37 years old and can do far more on the field than any of us fans watching. Chillax with the hate.

I'm sure you have noticed that I have not spent a great deal of time talking about my Chiefs. I think Stevie can sum up why I'm not going to spend a great deal talking about my Chiefs.

Well, my record took a hit last week thanks to the wheels falling off with Green Bay, Atlanta, Minnesota (Y'all lost to Cleveland???), Washington, and the New York Giants.  My record last week 6-9 bringing my record to 24-23. Let's see if we can get things back on track...

Sunday, September 29
Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills: Baltimore
Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: Cincinnati
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars: Indianapolis
Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings: Pittsburgh 
Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions: Chicago
Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans: Seattle
Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Arizona
New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City
New York Jets at Tennessee Titans: Tennessee
Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos: Denver
Washington Redskins at Oakland Raiders: Washington
Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers: Dallas
New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons: New England (I know, I'm picking against Atlanta, because if it comes down to the second half, I trust Brady and Darth Vader over Ryan and Obi-Wan Smith.)

Monday, September 30
Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints: New Orleans

Thursday, October 3
Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns:  Cleveland

Until next week, “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”  ― Oprah Winfrey, unless you're Lane Kiffin, and they won't let you ride the bus...Have a great Sunday...

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