Sunday, September 16, 2012

NFL Week 2 Picks

All the teams have played their first game.  The prognosticators already smell blood in the water for some teams, and Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler.  Ah, yes, the NFL is back, and with all respect to Nina Simone, I'm feeling good!!!!

Granted the week did not begin well for my Chiefs.  They were keeping the game close with Falcons during the first half of last week's game entering halftime down 17-10.  Then, the wheels fell off, and the Falcons rolled to 40-24 victory at Arrowhead stadium punctuated by a dunk over the goal post by former Chief Tony Gonzalez after his 3rd quarter touchdown. [FYI:  Tony Gonzalez entered the Top 10 all-time in receiving yards passing Torry Holt with a 13,391 yards.  He's the only Tight End in the top ten, and he's 381 yards from passing number 9 Henry Ellard and 509 from passing Cris Carter at number 8.] After opening the game on a high with cheers from the crowd, TG's dunk brought a shower of boos.  While I wouldn't have booed TG, because he's my fave, it did feel like a bit of knife in the heart...sorry, wiping tears for what might have been.  I forgive you, Tony.  It would have been wrong if you hadn't.  It's the last one at Arrowhead.  I even cheered, until I remembered the score.  Que sera, sera...

On last week during a press conference, Jay Cutler, in his infinite wisdom, decided to give the Green Bay Packers a little encouragement before the game on Thursday Night Football by wishing the Packers Defense good luck against his receivers.  Then, he proceeded to give them four interceptions, as the Packers wrapped up this rivalry game with a 23-10 victory.  Yeah, I still don't like Cutler, and his crybaby attitude is better suited for reality tv than NFL field.

In his coming out party, RGIII exploded all over the Superdome last week dropping 40 on the New Orleans Saints.  Still didn't see that one coming.  Wake up, New Orleans!!!  The Jets dumped all over the Buffalo Bills, New England was well, New England, and Baltimore looked a bit scary on Monday Night Football.

Last week, after a total swing and a miss on the first game of the season, I recouped some of my dignity and posted a decent 10-6 record for week one.  Let's see if I can keep it up for another week...

Sunday, September 16
Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles-Baltimore
Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston
Oakland Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins-Oakland (even though it makes me sick to say it)
Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals-Cincinnati
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills-Kansas City
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants-New York
Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis Colts-Minnesota
Arizona Cardinals vs. New England Patriots-New England
New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers-New Orleans

Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks-Dallas
Washington Redskins vs. St. Louis Rams-Washington

New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers-Pittsburgh
Tennessee Titans vs. San Diego Chargers-San Diego
Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers-San Francisco (shake hands and play nice, boys!)

Monday, September 17

Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons-Atlanta Falcons (I'm taking TG over Peyton, but you guys already knew that, right?)

That's it guys and gals, until next week, Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ~Albert Einstein

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