Sunday, November 29, 2009

OMG, I’m SMH @ WTH is going on w/my FF teams. IMO it MNDS.

Wake up, everybody! Welcome Back, Ladies and Gents. It took me a couple days to recover from my turkey coma, but it was worth it. We are in the home stretch of the fantasy football season, but I feel like my team is caught up in a rundown between third and home. Depending on your league, you have two weeks to wrap up playoff spots or prepare for next year. I have a feeling two or more of my teams will be cleaning out their lockers. While the NFL Playoff season doesn’t begin until January, fantasy players only have one-two weeks to get their affairs in order. So what’s up in the NFL world? My Kansas City Chiefs, MY KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, beat the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. My mouth is still agape-a two game winning streak and the end of a 10 game losing streak at Arrowhead. “Little Hoodie” Josh McDaniel told the San Diego Chargers “We own you.” before the Chargers spanked the Broncos 32-3. Best line from the “controversy,” my boy Shawne Merriman’s reply to the press, “It was cute.” That’s okay, Joshie, you took out your revenge and your big boy language (dropped an MF during the nationally televised game) and spanked Eli and the Giants on Thanksgiving night. The Cowboys had only scored 14 total points in their last two games including one of the ugliest 7-6 wins over the Washington Redskins. The offense of the Cowboys found their way to in-zone as they dropped the Raiders on Thanksgiving day. JaMarcus “It ain’t my fault” Russell was benched for Bruce Gradkowski. Sigh, they won one surprising the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals, then they lost on Thanksgiving, which is appropriate after all the Raiders are a bunch of Turkeys. (I am working on my hate, but I’m a work in progress.) Vince Young has the Tennessee Titans on a winning track. Big Ben Roethlisberger went down with a concussion during the Chiefs game, and his back up Charlie Batch broke his wrist (lost probably for the rest of the regular season). Jay Cutler spent his Sunday night destroying my hopes to go to the playoffs as the Bears fell to the Eagles. The Patriots avenged their earlier loss as Rex Ryan whined about being disrespected as the Jets fell 31-14. Kurt Warner is dealing with a head/neck injury; the stinker game of the week Lions/Browns turned out to be a really good game with young Matthew Stafford gutting out a shoulder injury to throw a last minute touchdown to defeat the Browns. and Peyton, Drew and Favre all *gasp, shock, awe* won again. These three QB’s are fighting for MVP. Personally, I’m rooting for Brees.

This week my Chiefs take on the San Diego Chargers who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Congrats to my Fantasy Players-LaDainian Tomlinson, Shawne Merriman, Kassim Osgood, Quentin Jammer, and Darren Sproles who made the 50th Anniversary team. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and Jamal Williams are among the current players who made the team. Now, the Chiefs are my team, and I love them, but I have gone on record about my unhealthy love for most things Shawne Merriman. Now, Merriman has 6 sacks in 7 games against the Chiefs. Sack, but don’t kill Matt Cassel, Shawne. Please don’t hurt him. We owe him too much money.

This past week my fantasy teams went 2-2. I…I…Here is the evidence of my tragic week.

The Merry Mad Men (7-4) v. Murder

My Merry Mad Men took on Murder of the Hell Raisers League. I “took the field” with the following team: QB-Kurt Warner, RBs-LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams, WR-Donald Driver, Mike Wallace, Reggie Wayne, TE-Tony Gonzalez, K-Nate Keading, DST-San Diego Chargers.

My MadMen are back to their winning ways and hangin. LDT and the Chargers D showed the Broncos who owned whom pulling in 13 and 19 points respectively. The “old guys” Kurt Warner (18 points) and Tony Gonzalez (14 points) both had really good games as well. My receivers however were all in single digits. Even the kicker Nate Kaeding (14 points) had a better day than they did. It was Ricky Williams, however, who was my Player of the Week again running away with 30 points against the Carolina Panthers. The MadMen arrested Murder with a 122-107 victory.

Hecate’s HellHounds (4-7) v. Nostradamus

Well the HellHounds will be cleaning out their lockers this week. The Playoffs are history for this team. Playoff hopes are just about gone. My starting lineup: QB-Drew Brees, RBs-Ryan Grant and Ricky Williams, WRs-Deverey Henderson, Mike Wallace, Donald Driver, TE-Tony Gonzalez, K-Olindo Mare, DST-San Diego Chargers. If there is such thing as player of the week for this team, it would be Ricky Williams with his 30 points. Nostradamus predicted that my Hellpups would lose 116-120. FYI: If I had started Nate Burleson, I would have won. Talk about Hindsight. BTW, I hate you Nate Burleson.

The Crazy 88’s (6-5) v. Greenfield Assassins

The 88’s are tied for last place in our division. SMH… I started QB-Donovan McNabb, RBs-Julius Jones and LDT, WRs-Donald Driver, Reggie Wayne, Mike Wallace, TE-Tony Gonzalez, K-Dan Carpenter, DST-San Diego Chargers. Donovan McNabb and the San Diego Chargers D/ST were my players of the week each fielding a 19 point performance. The Crazy 88’s, however, could not make it two in a row losing 85-91.

Gonzalez menos un Gonzalez (5-6) v. Team Bill Clinton

I don’t know how this team is tied for first in their division. I just don’t know. I’m happy, though. I lined-up with: QB-Jay “I hate myself for drafting you” Cutler, RB-LDT, and Mike Bell, WR-T. J. Houshmandzadeh, Mike Wallace, and Larry Fitzgerald, TE-Tony Gonzalez, K-Dan Carpenter, DST-San Diego Chargers. My player of the week was Mike Bell with 19 points. Bill Clinton couldn’t explain why his team fell to Gonzalez menos un Gonzalez 98-86.

Well, that’s all I’ve got guys. Until next week, kids… I’d like to leave you with nugget of knowledge from “Sir” Charles Barkley,Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.” Have a good fantasy week, y’all…

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