Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All this and Merriman's Mohawk...

I thought I had posted this yesterday. I'm crazy sometimes, but this is the third of my four draft posts. On Monday, my home league annouced its draft day. I will give you a little info on that montley crew when I post that draft at the end of the month. Monday evening was my third and last draft with NFL.Com. My home league is with ESPN.Com. This was the draft of the American Fantasy League of NFL.COM.

Like the first league, AFL is comprised of twelve teams, and we draft in the order in which we joined the league. I picked in the 1st round, while a worse than yesterday. Order is reversed on even rounds. Meet my fellow teams: 1-4th and goal, 2-Green Machine, 3-Greenfield Assassins, 4-JAWBREAKER, 5-Norfolk Blues, 6-Devil's Rejects, 7-G-Dogs, 8-TBaggers, 9-Black Sheep, 10-The Crazy 88s, 11-hotshot67, 12-bigboimike26. This is the American Fanstasy League. Our league is divided into 3 divisions: East, Central, West. This time I am in the West Division with Black Sheep, Green Machine, and Jawbreaker. They seem like nice guys, and I actually chatted during the the Draft. Once again, I am the only female in this league.

The Crazy 88's are named after two of my favorite things: Tony Gonzalez #88 of the Atlanta Falcons, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs and the mad group of bodyguards surrounding O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) in the Kill Bill: Vol. I. I hope my team doesn't meet the same fate as those bodyguards.

The draft began at 6:15, and I missed the first part because I was also watching NFL Total Access. I was momentarily transfixed by Shawne Merriman and his blue mohawk. He actually manages to pull it off, nice 5 o'clock shadow, dimples, okay stop....

By now you know the rules, so I'm not going to waste time going over it again. The draft lasted longer than any of the other drafts, but I managed to get probably the most handsome team in the draft. That's not what I was shooting for, it just happened to work out that way, and I am not complaining. :)

1st round-Running Back LaDanian Tomlison
2nd round-Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne
3rd round-Quarterback Donovan McNabb
4th round-Tight End Tony Gonzalez
5th round-Defense San Diego Chargers
6th round-Running Back Larry Johnson
7th round-Wide Receiver Donald Driver
8th round-Wide Receiver Torry Holt
9th round-Wide Receiver Ted Ginn, Jr.
10th round-Quarterback Jake Delhomme
11th round-Running Back Jerious Norwood
12th round-Kicker Rob Bironas
13th round-Tight End Jeremy Shockey
14th round-Defense Indianapolis Colts

Donovan McNabb is new to the team. He is still a good quarterback, and as long as he isn't injured (keeping my fingers crossed), he should work out fine. I'll be honest the only thing I know about Ted Ginn, Jr is that his is about twelve, went to Ohio State, and nothing. He's a reserve anyway. Jeremy Shockey use to be a pro bowl tight end until his mouth wrote him a one way ticket from the Giants to the Saints. Hopefully, he can return to Pro Bowl form and take TG's place for one week. I have a new kicker, Rob Bironas. He's a pretty reliable kicker for the Tennesee Titans. I don't really care about kickers.

Well, draft time is over. I am pretty satisfied with my teams, because they mostly consist of the same players. LOL. This is a first for me. To have LT, Merriman, and Gonzalez on all 3 of my teams is well, almost shocking. (cue devious laugh)

I am going to keep tabs on my players from now until the season starts. Training Camps open this week for most of my teams. Can you feel it football fans? It's almost here! Let's Go!!

Most football teams are temperamental. That's 90% temper and 10% mental.” --Doug Plank
Preach on brother Plank!

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