Monday, July 27, 2009

Second Down One to Go...

This is day two of my three draft posts. Today, my second league to draft is the Heavy Metal Football league of NFL.COM. This was actually the first league I joined this year. The Draft works the same as it did yesterday.

Like the first league, HMF is comprised of twelve teams and draft in the order in which we joined the league. I will pick 7th in the 1st round, while a little better than yesterday, still sucks, because you are picking 5th or 7th in each round. Order is reversed on even rounds. Meet my fellow teams: 1-Nostradomus, 2-DEN DESTROYERS, 3-crazyeights, 4-Beaver Dam Lions, 5-Satans Children, 6-Twisted Sister, 7-Hecate’s HellHounds, 8-Kung Pow 2009, 9-Tim grim reapers 2, 10-DOOMCREW, 11-the hogs, 12-THE HURRICANE. This is the league of Heavy Metal Football. Our league is divided into 3 divisions: East, Central, West. Once again, I am in the central division with crazyeights, Satans Children, and Tim grim reapers 2. I don’t know where they get the names, and truth be told, I don’t want to know. I am the only female in this league, and they are probably going to stomp a mud hole in me and walk it dry.

About my team names-My team yesterday was called the Merry MadMen. That is a play on Shawne Merriman’s name. They are a group of psychos bonded with the maniacal goal of destroying the Hell Raisers league. Hecate’s HellHounds is named after the goddess of the Dark Moon and her special pets. They want to wreck havoc upon the Heavy Metal Football league, because evil and general mischief is what we are all about. She’s my favorite goddess because, like me, she wears a lot of black, her wrath is swift, and generally likes to make people who cross her suffer.

Draft will begin promptly at 9:15 pm eastern time. Like yesterday, the rules are the same.
Each team will have 90 seconds between picks. If you run out of time, computer picks for you. Each team will, therefore, choose 14 players. Yada-yada-yada. There are only two must haves-Tony Gonzalez and the Charger D. Everything else is just gravy. I hope to at least walk away with one of my chosen. Wish me luck!

This draft initially started slowly, but the comm. eventually stepped in to speed up the rounds so the computer would quickly pick for those who were not there, AMEN. My team is about the same so I'm only going to talk about the newbees.

1st round-running back LaDanian Tomlinson
2nd round-Quarterback Drew Brees-I got my dream quarterback. This guy is an equal opportunity thrower. He has been a top fantasy quarterback for a couple of years now. Last year, he had over 5000 yards last year, and I expect more. He has Shockey, Colston and Moore in his arsenal, which should bode well for me!
3rd round-Running Back Ryan Grant-Broke on the scene two years ago in Green Bay. He was off to a slow start last year, but I think he will be back to his 2007 form this year.
4th round-Tight End Tony Gonzalez. YES!!!!
5th round-Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes
6th round-The Chargers Defense. YES!!!!
7th round- Wide Receiver Donald Driver
8th round-Tight End Owen Daniels. I was lucky to get two good tight ends. Owen Daniels is a very good tight end who was lost in the shuffle being in the same conference with Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, and Dallas Clark. He even fell behind Heath Miller and K2. Gonzalez is in the NFC now, and so is K2. Owen has the opportunity to pull into that top 3 argument. But, he'll ride the pine until TG is off.
9th round-Wide Receiver Torry Holt-I was reluctant to draft Torry Holt. He is new to Jacksonville, and David Garard is not a pass happy quarterback because he has Maurice Jones-Drew. Let's hope Torry can recapture some of his St. Louis glory. I think he'll be an okay third.
10th round-Quarterback Jake Delhomme-Jake Delhomme was great a few years ago, until he messed up his elbow. I think he is a safe pick as a back-up. Let's face it, he's holding the clipboard on the HellHounds as long as Drew is slinging.
11th round- Running Back Jerious Norwood
12th round-Kicker Nate Kaeding

13th round-Defense Indianapolis Colts-I was surprised that the Colts were still on the board at the end. I didn't think they had fallen off that much. Sure the 8-8 Chargers beat them in the playoffs, but let's face it, the Chargers have the Colts number. But, they still have Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney, and as long as those two are healthy, I think the Colts D will be fine. They are only here to give Shawne and Shaun a reprieve anyway.
14th round-Running Back Fred Taylor-Fred is with the Patriots now after many years in Jacksonville. Tom Brady is back, and I am sure Moss and Welker will touch the ball more than Taylor. But, I think he is still good enough to spell LT and Ryan Grant.

I think the HellHounds are actually better than the Merry MadMen. I was sad that I didn't get any Chiefs on the team. To which one of my formers students commented "Is it really a bad thing?" I like to have at least one, even if they are on the bench. I may pick up one later. Only time will tell. Tonight, I have my final (hopefully) draft. The Crazy 88s are drafting tonight. It's earlier than last night's so I may post this evening.

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