Saturday, July 25, 2009

And So It Begins...

Welcome to the first of my three draft posts. My first league draft is with the Hell Raisers league of NFL.COM. For those of you who have never played fantasy football, this is how the draft works.

The league is comprised of twelve teams. We draft in the order in which we joined the league. I will pick 9th in the 1st round, which sucks. Order is reversed on even rounds. Meet my fellow teams: 1-Eaglescrazy, 2-New Jersey Girl, 3-BenGal, 4-maniacs, 5-THE REBELS, 6-steelerdan, 7-bucs, 8-Last Cowboy, 9-The Merry MadMen, 10-Ballbusterzzzz, 11-Murder, 12-NK Stallions. This is the league of the Hell Raisers. Our league is divided into 3 divisions: East, Central, West. I am in the central division with BenGal, Last Cowboy, and New Jersey Girl.

Draft will begin promptly at 10:45 am eastern time. There are fourteen rounds. Each team will have 90 seconds between picks. If you run out of time, computer picks for you. Each team will, therefore, choose 14 players. Only 9 of these players may be active during a game day, 5 are reserve players. Every team needs 1 Quarterback, 2 Running backs, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, 1Kicker, 1 Defense. Keep in mind. You don’t want too many of your players to have the same bye week, which means if you are a homer, you will lose. (Each team in the NFL gets one week off during the season called a bye, so your players on that team will not be playing.) I have who I want in mind. I hope to at least walk away with one of my chosen. Wish me luck!

1st round-San Diego Chargers Running back-LaDanian Tomlinson. I am hoping LT is close to MVP form. He was injured, but not bad last year. He says that he is back and out to prove his critics wrong.
2nd round-Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver-Reggie Wayne. He is the clear #1 in Indy, now that Marvin Harrison is gone. Throw him the ball Peyton!
3rd round-Arizona Cardinals Quarterback-Kurt Warner. I hope he brings back some of that Super Bowl magic from last year. He throws to two of the best wide receivers in the game Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Hope he stays healthy, and they catch the ball.
4th round-Atlanta Falcons Tight End-Tony Gonzalez. It hurts just calling him a Falcon. My favorite player since 1997, I rely heavily on Tony's solid hands. I just hope that he does not spend the year on the line blocking.
5th round-Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver-Santonio Holmes. I hope Santonio plays this season like the he did during the Super Bowl.
6th round-Kansas City Chiefs Running Back-Larry Johnson. My first Chiefs player chosen. Larry has had problems over the last two years. In 2007, he broke his foot and missed the end of the season. In 2008, off the field issues literally kept him off the field for 5 games. Let's hope those are resolved, because I like the idea of having a two headed monster like LT and LJ running for me. I want them to party like 2006.
7th round-San Diego Chargers Defense-My favorite linebacker Shawne Merriman and his buddy Shaun Phillips with a dash of rookie Larry English. I'm soooo ready to see them back in shape. Last year, they treated me bad-ad-ead, wrong my dear. But, the two headed monster is back. I think Norv and Ron will start Merriman slowly, but look out JaMarcus, Joe, whoever throws in Miami, Big Ben, Kyle, Matt, Eli, Donovan, whoever throws in Cleveland, Tony, Carson, Kerry, and Jason. Sacks are their business, and business should be good...
8th round-Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver-Donald Driver. Reliable hands. Donald Driver is one of the best wide receivers that no one talks about.
9th round-San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver-Issac Bruce. Bruce is dependable. But, I don't see him actually starting unless it's a bye week for my other players. He just doesn't have a reliable quarterback.
10th round-Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback-Matt Cassel. I would not draft Matt as a starter. KC's O-line is rather thin. If he can stay up right, he can make a reliable back up.
11th round-San Diego Chargers Kicker-Nate Kaeding. Nate is my starting kicker. He is a pretty reliable kicker. Kickers, however, do not make or break a team. I actually won a game last year without a kicker.
12th round-Atlanta Falcons Running Back Jerious Norwood. Jerious will not get the most carries in ATL; those will go to Michael Turner, but he is a good back up.
13th round-Miami Dolphins Defense. Jason Taylor is back. Joey Porter is back. They are pretty quiet now. They will suffice as a back up.
14th round-Denver Broncos Tight End-Tony Scheffler. He is only there for Gonzalez's bye week. I normally don't draft Broncos, but he was all that was left really.

Okay, this is not a great team, but it is pretty good. I have won a championship with less. I don’t carry an extra kicker. There really isn’t a point. You can always pick up a spare later. I did get a lot of the players I wanted. I hope the one’s I did get pan out. Draft number 2 tomorrow.

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