Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday: A Letter to the Atlanta Falcons

Hey everybody!!! Sorry, I missed the Conference Championships and the Pro Bowl, but I was still in deep mourning after the way my Chiefs played in the divisional game. Today is Super Bowl Sunday and the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons are playing in Houston. I don't really care for the Patriots, and I feel like I need to address the Falcons.

Dear Atlanta Falcons,

How are you guys?  It has been a fabulous year for the Dirty Birds.  Congratulations to you, Matt Ryan, on winning league MVP.  Your former favorite target Tony Gonzalez has been calling it for weeks.  Aside:  Tony Gonzalez was on Lip Sync Battle this week. I think I'm going to just leave it at Ray Lewis won. We know why, but this blog is not for dissing Tony Gonzalez. 

Atlanta, I am a Braves fan, and have been for almost 30 years. I've seen some bad sports teams in the ATL.  I've never been a Falcons fan, but there have been moment when I rooted for you guys.  When Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan, and Andre Rison were Falcons, I rooted for you.  When Bobby Hebert was your quarterback, I rooted for you. I rooted for you when Morton Anderson was your kicker. For FIVE straight years, I rooted for you guys to help get my favorite all time player, Tony Gonzalez, a Super Bowl ring.  I risked life and limb twice by entering the Super Dome in a Falcons jersey to root for you guys against the Saints.

Now, I know I have been throwing a lot of shade in your general direction the last few years since Tony Gonzalez has retired. I have sent a lot of hate, and I have stated that I hoped all bad things happened to the Falcons after that last craptastic season you guys made Tony a part of. I admit this. I accept responsibility for my actions.

Falcons, my Chiefs are once again at home, and there is no one left for me to root for, so I'm putting all my faith in you. I'm pretty sure Chiefs Kingdom is rooting for you. I'm sure most of the Nation is rooting for you, I know that the last 7 MVPS have lost the Super Bowl, I know the Falcons have never won a Super Bowl. I know that the last several teams who have worn white have won the Super Bowl, and the Pats are wearing white. I know what Tom Brady is capable of, but he is not unbeatable. So, Atlanta, I am begging and pleading, and praying that you guys RISE UP like the rebels and defeat the Empire. Defeat the Emperor and Darth Vader. Luke, I mean, Matt, Tony G. has put all his faith in you, and he has been singing your praises for years.  Do for Tony and all the other Falcons who have never had an opportunity to taste the sweet victory of a Super Bowl.  If for no one else, please win it for me. I cannot take months of the smugness of Tom Brady if he wins. Do it for America, Atlanta!!
We are all rooting for you!!!!!

Diana Dishes

If you haven't guessed it, I'm picking the Falcons for Super Bowl 51!!!!

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!! I'll be back next week with Dead Viewing and the return of The Walking Dead!  Until next time, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!"

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