Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dead Viewing-Season 7, Episode 10 "New Best Friends"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***

Welcome back, everybody!  I just went back to watch some parts of last week's episode that I missed because of the Grammy's.  FYI, while Bruno Mars and Adele both did a great job with their tributes, I frankly thought both the George Michael and Prince tributes were lacking. One song each? That's wack, man...and no, I'm not getting involved with the Beyonce vs. Adele thing. I only heard one song from each album, so I have no dogs in that fight...

I finally saw the Rick and Michonne stunt with the cars, which was very awesome. Here's hoping King Ezekiel changes his mind tonight, and the people who surrounded Rick and the crew are anti-Saviors as well. I need less Trevor and more Jerry. The look on Daryl's face was "Y'all really gonna leave me with this wack job?"

Diane comes from Diana the Roman goddess of the hunt, appropriate.  More Jerry, y'all, More Jerry. Jerry is becoming one of my favorite characters. This stringy haired blonde savior is beginning to work both mine and Richard's nerves. Morgan fighting with the stick. Oh, the blonde's name is Jared. Morgan is mad now. They took his stick. See, Morgan you can't bargain with idiots.  Ezekiel, lay off of Jerry.

Daryl does not mince words. Daryl is right about Carol. She would be ready to start a rampage if she knew about Glenn and Abraham.  Richard just gave Daryl his favorite weapon--the crossbow.  Daryl is about to do some major a** kicking. Richard is setting Carol up? So, Richard wants to ambush the Saviors, but lead them to Carol. Dude is out of his mind.  I agree with him, but dude not Carol.  Richard, Daryl is not playing. Carol better not get a hangnail. I need a Carol/Daryl reunion.  Just go beat the crap out of Morgan and find out where she is.

Rick just assumes they have Gabriel? They had the boat. They took back what Rick's group took from them, and they've got Gabriel.  Wait a minute, Gabriel just grew a pair. the junkyard people are still hella rude. Okay, TWD, work on your green screen a bit. The Junkyard people are hella off...Did the Junkyard queen just push Rick off the trash mountain?

She just put Rick in a hole. What the Hell kind of Walker is this? This Walker from Sauron's army better not hurt Rick. Rick might gone lose that hand. I'm glad Rick defeated the LOTR Walker. They were wanting what was on the boat. These are some weirdos, led by Jadeis.  

Awwwwww, Daryl and Carol reunion!!!!!!! Jesus took us to the kingdom, and Morgan said that you left. Why'd you, go? Tearing up, man. Why is Rosita being such a prick these days? Rick straight jacked one of their sculptures.

Carol explaining why she could not go back. She's about find out who the Saviors killed.  Go ahead and tell her Daryl. Nooooo, Daryl, tell her the truth. C'mon on Daryl, don't lie to her about Glenn, especially not Glenn. Y'all think Daryl is gonna let Richard go through with the plan, because Carol is too broken? Daryl won't stay in the Kingdom headed back to Hilltop. Look forward to seeing you next week. Looks like we will be seeing a lot of the Saviors next week.

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