Saturday, November 19, 2011

NFL Week 11 Picks-The Lee Corso Said What We were Thinking Edition

Earlier today, I was casually perusing Twitter like I do most Saturdays. With the exception of the occasional LSU game, I rarely watch college football. So, I definitely don't watch the pregame shows. Then, I started see posts about ESPN personality Lee Corso dropping the F-bomb during College Gameday. Soon the YouTube links followed, and sure enough he dropped the bomb.

After a good laugh at old Lee's expense, I started to think, "you know, I think a lot of NFL teams have that attitude right now." Take the Kansas City Chiefs, they lost their running back (Jamall Charles), they lost their starting tight end (Tony Moeaki), they lost their starting strong safety (Eric Berry), and now they may have lost the starting quarterback (Matt Cassel) to a hand injury. Apparently, they have joined Lee in his sentiments, especially letting Tim "I can't throw, but I can run" Tebow beat them with only 2 completions during the game...He was 2-8 for in passes, and he won.

Matt Cassel uses his head. And his arm.

A word about Tim Tebow: I do not hate Tim Tebow, the nice guy who appears in the commercials and is always doing the right thing. I do, however, hate Tim Tebow #15 for the Denver Broncos. Why you ask? BECAUSE HE'S THE ENEMY!!!! Why would I root for his success when it would hurt my team? The only time I will cheer for Tim Tebow to win is when it will benefit the Kansas City Chiefs. Period. Tim Tebow, the non-football player, I wish him nothing but the best. Tim Tebow, the Denver Bronco, I wish utter failure. I said it. While we are on the subject of Tim Tebow, the Bronco, he has started six games. The Broncos are 4-2 when he starts. Yet, he has only completed 56-125 passes. In six games he only has 56 completed passes. Drew Brees has 135 completed passes in his last 4 games. Heck, Matt Cassel has 67 completed passes in his last 4 games. Tebow has 56 in 6 games. How does he do it? Like I told my co-worker this week, Tim Tebow is the best-worst quarterback I've ever seen.

Then, there was Mike Smith, the Falcons head coach who had his own Lee Corso moment and went for on 4th down in their on territory in their overtime game with the Saints. The Redskins have been having one all year. Tampa Bay had their moment picking up Albert Haynesworth after he was cut by the Patriots, while the Ravens picked up their's losing to the Seattle Seahawks. If he cursed, I'm pretty certain Philip Rivers would have one every time he throws an interception. What happened to Philip? Let's be real, the Colts did a Lee Corso as soon as they found out about Peyton's neck. The Jets had one against the Tebow on Thursday night football.

Well, it's week 11. I went a dismal 6-9 last week, bring my 2011 record to 66-38. Let's see how it goes this week...

Sunday, November 20

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens-Baltimore

Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota Vikings-Oakland

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins-Miami

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns-Cleveland

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers-Green Bay

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins-Dallas

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions-Detroit

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers-San Francisco

Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams-Seattle

San Diego Chargers @ Chicago Bears-Chicago

Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons-Atlanta

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants-New York Giants

Monday, November 21

Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots-I want to pick the Chiefs, but New England

Hopefully, these teams will do a little more than say, "Ahh...," well, you know. Until next time, “Don’t let people tell you you’re not good enough, because you’re good enough. It’s not about your talent. It’s not about your skill. It’s about your will.”-Herm Edwards

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