Saturday, June 25, 2011

Michael Jackson Tribute, Part 2

Let's be real. Michael Jackson didn't create the music video, but like Tony Gonzalez at tight end, he revolutionized the video and made it what it is today. (yeah,I went there. My blog...LOL) Sorry, Beyonce, Gaga, Katy, Justin, Rihanna, and Kanye..."Often imitated but never duplicated." Y'all will never be Michael. I don't even watch music videos any more. I always liked the cameos, too. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Iman, Joe Pesci, Marlon Brando, Naomi Campbell, Macaulay Culkin, he could get anybody to do his video. Not to mention people who received instant boosts in the business by appearing in them like Wesley Snipes, Stoney Jackson, Michael Delorenzo. These may not be the best MJ videos, but these are my favorite. By the way, there is little overlap between my favorite songs and favorite videos.

#10-"Rock with you" (1979) I like this video for all the wrong reasons. One, Michael was still on nose number 2, and he was gorgeous. Two, the budget must have been like $1,000: $40 spent on effects and $960 on the crystals for Michael's outfit. Then, there was the dancing...Priceless...

#9-"Jam" (1991) On the surface, this is a catchy dance song. Listen more carefully, and you will hear that it's anything but. The video, however, featured two G.O.A.T.'s , Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan-not to mention cameos from Kriss Kross and Heavy D. My favorite part: Michael Jackson teaching Michael Jordan to Moonwalk. (I swear every drill team in America used that song for competition that year).

#8-"Say, Say, Say" (1983) Back when Michael Jackson was still friends with Paul McCartney, they wrote this song together. The video was also cute Michael was on nose 3 which wasn't as good as two, but he was still so cute. The side show act was funny. There are cameos from Linda McCartney and LaToya Jackson (LaToya's was a little creepy now that I'm an adult). The Mac and Jac wonder potion...

#7-"Beat It" (1983) Come on, Michael Jackson..."Gang uniter." LOL...But for that brief moment in 1983, we thought music could bring to rival gangs together, and that Michael Jackson could break up a street fight by singing "Show them how funky, strong is your fight, it doesn't matter who's wrong or right...Just beat it." (Y'all know he would have been stabbed for real if those gang bangers weren't Stoney Jackson and Michael Delorenzo.)

#6-"Black and White" (1991) This was one of those debut videos. Remember, being around the television waiting for Michael videos to premiere. Do people even care now about videos like that now? I know I don't. It was another Michael Jackson uniting the world video with him dancing with all races and morphing into... Tyra Banks? Then, there are appearances from Another Bad Creation, Macaulay Culkin and George Wendt (Norm from Cheers).

#5-"Scream" (1995) Finally, Michael and Janet Jackson united in video-the most expensive video ever made tallying up production costs of 7 million dollars. Loved the futuristic spaceship, Michael and Janet dancing on the walls and ceilings, but what I liked the most was Janet and Michael dancing together. There should have been more of that.

#4-"Billie Jean" (1983) Michael in the mini bowtie, high water leather pants, leather jacket, and pink shirt, was the epitome of cute. I admit...I what... It was the dancing, the lights at each of his steps, and of course the disappearance at the end. What wasn't there to like about this video.

#3-"Remember the Time" (1991) Set in Egypt with more cameos than an episode of Single Ladies, this video was gorgeous. The mini movie with Eddie Murphy as Pharaoh Ramses and Iman as Nefertiti with Magic Johnson as a palace guard. Michael Jackson as a magi who reappears as the queen's former lover. (Off subject, Iman is absolutely beautiful. I want to be her when I grow up.) Then, of course, the DANCING!!!!

#2-"Smooth Criminal" (1988) Michael Jackson as a 1920's gangster from the Moonwalker. That dance where he leans...we all tried it and fell... #failed. This was Michael Jackson in his element just dancing.

#1-"Thriller" (1982) I remember being a kid and anxiously waiting for the premiere of the "Thriller" video. Werewolves, dancing zombies, Vincent Price's creepy cackle, and Michael Jackson in his red skinny jeans and that red leather Jacket that everybody wanted. 14 minutes of greatness.

There they are, my favorite MJ videos. What are yours?
Before I leave, my favorite MJ performance of all time.

Until next time, "To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?"~Michael Jackson

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  1. Girl! You just took me back! "Rock with You" is my #1, "Smooth Criminal" #2, "Thriller" #3...after that it gets fuzzy because I loved all his choreography! Lol But your all time favorite takes the cake! I remember that one!