Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 8-"Hearts Still Beating"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***
Welcome back, everybody!  I can't believe that we are already at the mid-season finale. The open at the Hilltop with Maggie at Glenn's grave. Then, Gregory telling her not to let her "little" rescue go to her head. Can't wait until that guy is gone. Then, back to Alexandria with Negan giving Carl shaving lessons and cooking a meal before making both Carl and Olivia feel uncomfortable. Back to Rick and Aaron at the crazy dude's compound. Negan is pissed that Rick is not back, and he says Lucille is hungry, before asking Carl to pass the rolls. Yeah, I hate this guy. 

Eugene is looking like death warmed over. Spencer is giving over the supplies he found.  Megan's peeps are as obnoxious as he is. Over to the Kingdom with Carol and Morgan, where Carol calls back to Morgan. She is either going to end up with Ezekiel or Morgan. Speaking of Ezekiel, his head knight just showed up to Carol's house for a conversation. The boat expo is not going hunky dory as Aaron fell out of the boat before reaching the canoe.  Daryl is taking his time escaping grabbing clothes and a bite to eat before taking off. 

Aaron and Rick discussing the repercussions of living under Negan's law, and somebody is watching them. Michonne is not going to kill Negan today, but she wants to change things for herself. Now, Sasha arrives with an apple pie, which Maggie immediately digs into. Maggie is curious as to where Jesus is.  Sasha lies, because she wants to kill Negan, too. Although Enid wants to join, Sasha wants to keep Maggie safe. Ezekiel's Knight, I forgot his name, is telling them about the camps.  He feels that the Kingdom is about under attack. He needs their help to talk to Ezekiel, before the Kingdom falls to Negan.  Everybody wants to take out the the Saviors, because they knows they cannot survive this way.  Found the Head Knight's name, it's Richard. He just asked Carol and Morgan who no longer want to kill, to join him in attack the Saviors.

Rosita and her bullet talking to Father Gabriel about killing Negan with her one bullet. Rosita wants to suicide, because Abraham would fight. She's listing why everybody else has a reason to live, she skipped Sasha though. Gabriel is trying to convince her to lose this stupid idea. Back to Daryl's long escape, and back to the Kingdom. This show is suffering from ADD tonight. Richard is telling Morgan that you are going to have to fight someday.  Carol and Morgan still don't have a clue as to what has happened yet.  Somehow they need to find out about Glenn and Abraham.  Carol puts them both out. I feel like some much has happened and so little at the same time.

Spencer is back at his house that they trashed looking for the gun.  Does he really think this milquetoast act is going to play with Negan?  Richard has a hidden camper?  Every body has an RV. I really can understand his level of frustration. Now, Rosita mocks Spencer playing dress up with Negan. I really hate Spencer. Rosita is so done with him. Daryl finally makes it to the outside, and there is fat Joseph. Daryl just beat the crap out of Fat Joey!  Daryl is pissed. Daryl is ready to kick a** and take names, although I think he just scared the crap out of Jesus who showed up as he took out Joey.  What are they looking at. I guess that was just one of Negan's army outposts. Michonne realizes that this is futile. She killed the woman and is returning home.  Spencer is such a dill. How did that note get in there?  Was it the guy in the house? Meanwhile, they are beating the crap out of Aaron. Spencer is out here bad mouthing Rick to Negan. Really, Spencer? Negan should put you in charge. Poor Aaron. His heart is still beating he says.  Negan is sizing up Spencer just right. This is not going to end well Spencer. Bye-bye Spencer.  You have no guts literally and figuratively.  He asked them to clean up what's left of Spencer and for someone to finish their pool game. Rosita pulled out her gun and fired. She shot Lucille. Now, someone else will have to die. 

Now, Negan knows about the bullet making. Arat, hate her, she cuts Rosita's face as Rosita lies about making the bullet.  Aaaaaand Olivia is dead. Man, he can't even stop fat shaming Olivia in death. Tara and Eugene step up.  Now, Negan is taking Eugene the bullet maker.  I hate Negan. Boy did Spencer make a mess. And of course, Rick has to kill he his reanimated corpse. I really need Carol know what has been happening.

What is Rick contemplating in the jail cell. Michonne is trying to put the fight back in Rick. They all have to fight not just one or two of them.  Rick and the gang have arrived at the Hilltop. Look who else is at the Hilltop!!! Daryl Dixon!!!! That was Rick's gun Fat Joe had!!! The gang is back together!!!! Now we just need Carol and Morgan! Who is this guy that was watching Rick and Aaron and now spying on Alexandria. Soooooo, much!!!!! See you guys in February!!!

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