Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 7-"Sing Me a Song"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***
***I update during commercials.***
Welcome back, everybody!  I am on cloud nine because my Chiefs went down to Georgia and came back with an improbable win against the Falcons, which can only mean tonight's 90 minute episode is going to find a way to break our hearts.  I have a feeling that we will be drained much like Tara was last week when she returned to Alexandria and heard the bad news that all of us already knew.  Tonight, we shall find out what happens to Carl after he made the bad decision to journey into Saviors' territory. Granted, Jesus is with him, but Jesus can make himself invisible, while Carl, not so much.

Opens with Michonne alone looking at the burnt out mattresses. I'm not really liking her out on these treks alone. She's whistling the Farmer in the Dell to draw walkers, for practice? What is she doing?  Where is Rick and Aaron? The back of a truck?  What are they doing? What are these Saviors looking at? This is the truck that Jesus and Carl are in. Why is Jesus spilling the syrup? Making a trail. Tells Carl they have to jump, but Carl just stays behind. Well, Carl killed one, but Negan? Come on, Carl, really? I love how Negan tells Carl that Carl scares the crap out of Negan.  Ugh, Dwight. Man, I hate them. Exactly what do they have Darryl doing.  I don't really get Carl's "plan." So, Sanctuary is actually a giant factory facility.

Negan is such a perv. Says he doesn't have time to do his wives, well maybe one, dig at Dwight...who is still in charge of Daryl. These Saviors worship Negan like he is a god.  Spencer is such a douche. Once again, Spencer is blaming Rick. Rosita hates Spencer about as much as I do. Negan is so gross. He has a harem of women dressed up like they are in a brothel.   I don't know who Mark and Amber are, but they are in trouble with Negan. What job is he talking about? He can do what ever he wants, but the wives can't cheat on him. He is a hard core Warren Jeffs. What's gonna happen to Mark though? Negan is so creepy. Daryl speaks! To which Negan threatens to put out Carl's other eye. Tells Dwight to fire up the furnace. Time for a little deja vu? I guess he is going to do to Mark what he did to Dwight. So where exactly are Aaron and Rick going?  

My two least favorite characters in a car together-Spencer and Gabriel. Spencer is such a jerk. So, he blames Rick for his whole family dying. Really, that's all Rick? Spencer has to go. He thinks that he can survive without Rick?  Mr. Hoarder thinks he knows better how to run things. Gabriel tells Spencer what he is saying doesn't make him a sinner, but it does make him crap, but it doesn't have to be terminal. I think it will be though. What is this clown doing? Wow, Negan's pad is gorgeous. Carl killed two of his men, now he has to pay by removing his eye patch. Negan is like, that is gross as hell, Carl is breaking down now. His eye is gross. Fat Joe enters with Lucille.  He asks if he treated the bat like a lady. Negan tells Carl he has to sing him a song. Carl says he can't think of one.  When did Carl grow up 1930? You are my sunshine? This is horrible. I hate Negan. Carl just told him he shot Lori. 

Down to the furnace. The Saviors are so freaking weak. Rules are what make it all work, but dang, Negan. Break the rules, and it is the iron for you. I actually have an iron like that. It belonged to my grandmother. Mark took one for his girlfriend. Negan is so digusting. He is now square.  We don't think you are a lunatic, Negan, we know you are. Negan is by far more despicable than the Governor, and the Governor was a bag of crap. Spencer managed to get a bow and arrow from a walker. I was hoping the walker would kill Spencer, but alas. 

Eugene and Rosita arguing.  Eugene is trying to talk sense into Rosita. Rosita is now taking her anger out on Eugene. He is telling her the truth. Just like Daryl, you may get one, but they have the numbers and more of your people will die.  She calls him useless coward to get him to make a bullet for the person who saved their lives. Eugene doesn't want to, but he begins. Eugene is a little broken; Rosita is a little crazy. Where is Rick and Aaron, and what was Michonne doing? 

Sherry and Dwight are going to get each other killed with their clandestine meetings.  Carl is still trying to stand up to Negan. Negan still wants to look at his eye. Carl tells Negan that he should jump out of the window to save me the trouble of killing you. He then tell Negan that he can't kill any of them. Carl tries himself far too much. How did Jesus get on top of Negan's truck? How does Jesus do these Ninja deals. Negan is such a butthole. Negan tells Daryl that he is taking Carl home. Wait, where did Jesus go? 

Wait, Dwight just passed him a note and some tools to break out and told him to go now. Michonne was making a walker barricade?  What is the point of this? See, Negan doesn't have to make fun of her weight, I mean, really? Olivia just slapped Negan. She wants to die. Oh, man, he found out about Judith. Rick is not going to be happy about Negan touching his baby. Speaking of Judith, seriously, is she the slowest growing baby in the history of television? I know time is not the same on The Walking Dead and seven years have not passed yet, but why is she still so young?

What are Aaron and Rick doing? This guy protected his supplies by putting walkies in the lake? Rosita has her one bullet. What exactly is she going to do with it? Spencer is such a butthole. Rosita don't do anything stupid. He kissed baby Judith as he tells Carl that maybe he should bury Rick and Carl in the flower beds. Next week is the mid-season finale. What will Michonne do?  What is Aaron and Rick going to do?  Why is Rick crying...again in the trailer for next week? What is going to happen with the Kingdom guys?  So much to see next week?  

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