Saturday, October 19, 2013

NFL Week 7 Picks there any end to the craziness that has been the past few weeks in the NFL? Are there any team besides the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos that have performed up to expectations? Houston? No... Atlanta? Nope...Pittsburgh? Nada...Nah none of these teams are performing even close to where prognosticators placed them at the beginning of the season. (My Chiefs, however, are 6-0, and that's all I have to say about that.)  Before I go any further, I would like to make a comment about some fan behavior recently.  What is wrong with some of you?  Cheering Matt Shaub's injury and then the freak that showed up at his house.  Then, there is all of the scandal that is coming out about Adrian Peterson as he is dealing with the death of his young son.  Seriously?  Now, I'm a big a football fan as the next person, but going after them personally over a game?  That crosses a line.  It is a game, folks.  It is not life or death.  A player should not have to fear for their life or the lives of their family because of a football game.  It is entertainment.  Like any other form of entertainment, if you hate it, change the channel or leave the arena.  Don't threaten players, their fans, or their families.  If you do that, you are not a fan, you are psycho.  Do us all a favor and take your leave please.

Ladies and gentleman, I have an announcement to make...THE ATLANTA FALCONS ARE NOT, I REPEAT, NOT TRADING TONY GONZALEZ, NOR DOES MR. GONZALEZ WISH TO BE TRADED, which makes him a far better person than me, because if the opportunity presented itself to jump this sinking ship (Kroy Biermann, done, Julio Jones, done, Roddy White, out at least this week, Steven Jackson, out yet again this week), I would have to take my leave.

You're a good guy, Tony Gonzalez, and I really, really, really, hope that the Falcons get their season turned around to at least get you a shot at a ring this season. Speaking of Tony Gonzalez, he made an appearance on A Football Life: Michael Strahan this past week.  Michael Strahan, by the way, had probably the most uplifting of these A Football Life stories, and his family was so open, honest, and funny.

Did you see the Tom Brady comeback against the Saints? Yeah, I didn't. I watched the game up until the Saints' last snap. I like many of the Saints' fans thought the game was over, so I stepped out of the room to get something, and when I returned...Tom Brady and his boys were celebrating victory, and Rob Ryan and the Saints defense looked like they had just taken the last of the Prime rib off the bar at Golden Corral.

In addition to the Saints losing to the New England Patriots, Jimmy Graham, the heir apparent to Tony Gonzalez's TE throne, injured himself during the game.  He apparently suffered some sort of leg injury that New Orleans doesn't want to talk about, but they are "optimistic" that he will be back after the bye week.  Get well soon, Jimmy!!!

I can't figure out the San Diego Chargers and the New York Jets. They are the most flip-flop teams in the NFL. You pick them to win, and they lose. Pick them to lose, and they win. I hate picking both of these teams. You know what, add Minnesota and Cleveland to that list as well. Ah, well.

Peyton Manning is returning to the house that he built at Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday Night.  Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, has spent the better part of the week giving Peyton Manning back-handed compliments.  Whereas, Peyton continues to be the "better person" and allow his play on the field and his Broncos average of 44 points per game to do the talking this weekend.  Fans are going to get a heck of a show regardless as the ageless Manning takes on the young upstart Andrew Luck.  I have a feeling Pey-Pey will walk away the winner.
The Kansas City Chiefs beat their arch-rivals the Oakland Raiders last weekend. Then, the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium broke a world record by bringing the noise level up to a little over 137 decibels breaking the record set by the fans of the Seattle Seahawks earlier this year; thus, setting off a noise rivalry as the Seahawks fans will attempt to break the record again later this season. Go Chiefs!!!!!

Fantasy Fans:  New Orleans and Oakland have a bye this week.  Last week saw a slight bump in the ole record as I was 10-5 with my picks bringing my total this season to 51-40. Let's hope I can stay on the positive side of .500 this week...

Sunday, October 20
Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions:  Detroit
San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars:  San Diego
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins:  Miami
New England Patriots at New York Jets:  New England
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons:  Atlanta (Do it for Tony, guys!!)
St. Louis Rams at Carolina Panthers:  St. Louis
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles:  Dallas
Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins:  Chicago
San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans:  San Francisco
Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers:  Green Bay
Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs:  Kansas City
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers:  Pittsburgh
Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts: Denver

Monday, October 21
Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants:  New York (I don't really think they will win; I'm just so tired of Eli's struggle face, that I need them to win.)

Thursday, October 24
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Carolina

Until next week:  "How do you win?  By getting average players to play good and good players to play great.  That's how you win."-Bum Phillips...RIP to Bum Phillips who the football world lost this weekend.  See you, next week!!!

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