Sunday, October 13, 2013

NFL Week 6 Picks

I sincerely do not know what I am doing anymore.  Things in the NFL seem to be going through some crazy complex where each week up becomes down.  Take the Atlanta Falcons for example.  After last season, many people (including the moron writing this post) thought that Atlanta was poised to go on a Super Bowl run.  After all, they signed Steven Jackson, coaxed Tony Gonzalez out of retirement, signed Osi Umenyiora, and had the dynamic duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White.  People finally thought they would get over that playoff hump.  Weeelllll...not so much.  Steven Jackson hasn't played since week 2, Julio Jones is out for the year, Roddy White has a hammy, and Tony Gonzalez is left wondering, I'm sure, why he came back for this as the team sits at 1-4.  They just can't seem to score, the defense is well, lacking, even though Umenyiora is getting sacks, and the coaching, really, Mike Smith, two field goals left on the field two weeks in a row?  The only good thing about that game was that TG joined Jerry Rice as the only players in NFL history with a catch in 200 consecutive games.  With the Saints still undefeated, I can't help but think that Sean Payton and Drew Brees have a few of those infamous New Orleans Voodoo dolls tucked away inside of the Super Dome.

Then, there are the New York Giants who hardly look like the team that won the Super Bowl two years ago.  What is going on with Eli Manning?  Does he need glasses?  He is throwing every where except to his players.  He's on a pace to set a record for interceptions while his brother Peyton may set the record for touchdowns. I don't see an end to Eli's struggle face anytime soon.

My Chiefs.  I'm not going to brag.  Not gonna do it, because it's Raider week.  Last week, I picked San Diego to beat the Raiders, because they are well...the Raiders.  Wouldn't you know it the Raiders beat San Diego. I'm just going to say Go Chiefs as they attempt to break Seattle's World Record for noise level at a stadium and go 6-0 against the arch-rival Raiders. 

Speaking of the Chiefs, there were a lot of Chiefs fans, this one included, imploring the Falcons to trade Tony Gonzalez back to Chiefs, especially after the Chiefs lost yet another TE.  We know, it's wishful thinking.  (FYI: Did you guys catch Tony and his family on E:60 this week?  Great job, ESPN, and I don't say that about you guys often.)  We know that both Tony G, the Falcons, and Mike Smith all shot down the notion last week.  Still, there are two weeks left until the trade deadline....I'm just saying.  I hate seeing the Tony Gonzalez disappointed face. 

I saw it too many years in Kansas City.  Just, Falcons, if you do the right thing and trade him to a contender, please don't let it be Denver. TG is my favorite player, and I would hate to ever, EVER see him in a Broncos jersey.  It would break my heart to have to boo Tony G. I'll do it, but it will break my heart. 

Last week, thanks to thinking Seattle, Miami, and New York would succeed, my bad, I went .500 with a 7-7 record last week, which brings my total to 41-35. Fantasy fans: Atlanta and Miami have a bye this week. Now, I'm looking into my Crystal ball, and I see...

Sunday, October 13
Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills:  Cincinnati 
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs:  Kansas City
Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets:  New York
Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens:  Green Bay
Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns:  Detroit
St. Louis Rams at Houston Texans:  Houston
Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings:  Minnesota
Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Philadelphia
Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos:  Denver
Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks:  Seattle
New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots:  New Orleans
Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers:  San Francisco
Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys:  Dallas

Monday, October 14
Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers:  Indianapolis

Thursday, October 17
Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals:  Seattle

Until next week guys:  You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose.”-Lou Holtz

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