Saturday, January 12, 2013

Divisional Playoff Weekend...

Howdy-do, everyone! It is Divisional Playoff Weekend!  And the biggest news this week...Blue Ivy turned 1 and Destiny's Child is getting back together for the Super Bowl!!!!  No, not really.  How about that Wildcard Weekend, huh?  Exciting right?  

I'll be honest.  It was not very exciting, though I did enjoy the Seattle/Washington game.  Bad News for Robert Griffin, III.  The rookie QB had surgery to repair his ACL and lateral collateral ligament repair performed Wednesday.  Good luck, my man!  Hope you make it all the way back in time for the season to start.

 This weekend two of the greatest players to take the field are both playing in what may be their final games-Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez.  Ray Lewis and the Ravens are headed to Denver after they final beat Indianapolis in what was Lewis' final game in Baltimore.  Tony Gonzalez and the Falcons will host the upstart Seattle Seahawks in the Georgia Dome Sunday afternoon.  All week Gonzalez has been fielding questions about whether or not he will be retiring at the end of the season.  He has said repeatedly that he is 95% certain that he will.  I wish you the best of luck gentleman.  Do y'all realize that these guys have played a combined 33 years?  That is a lot of football miles.  They both deserve to go out on their own terms.  It would be nice to see both at the Super Bowl.

Last week, I had a .500 weekend:  2-2.  Let's see if I can do better this week.

Saturday, January 12
Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos:  Denver (Although it would not hurt my feelings in the least if the the Baltimore Ravens take out the Broncos.)
Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers:  Green Bay (I would like to see the 49ers make it to the NFC Championship game, but I'd be crazy not to see that Aaron Rodgers would love to win one at Candlestick.)

Sunday, January 13
Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons:  Atlanta (I picked Atlanta to go to the Super Bowl.  I'm going to stick with my pick, even though there is a feeling in my bones that there will be a re-match between Seattle and Green Bay.  Good luck, Tony!!!!  You are two games away from the Super Bowl.)
Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots:  New England (Okay, I know I picked Houston for the Super Bowl.  I know this, but I can't see New England falling to Houston in Foxborough.) 

Enjoy your Divisional Playoff Weekend.  These should be some really good games.  Good luck to you and your team.  I'm rooting for the Falcons.  (Yes, we all know why.)  Until next week, The quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor.
― Vince Lombardi

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