Sunday, January 1, 2012

NFL Week 17 Picks: An Ode to the season that was...

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen...It has been a great A little poem...

It's the last week of the regular season,
And boy, oh boy, I'm sad for a reason.
The Chiefs and their penalties blew their last chance,
now Oakland or Denver will go to the dance.

The Chiefs AFC West Champs in two thousand ten
Now, they will wait for the draft, again
Will Romeo stay or will he go home?
I'd rather he than that sawed off gnome.

The Atlanta Falcons have made the dance.
Will Tony Gonzalez finally get his chance?
A win in the playoffs, a 15 year wait,
Matt Ryan, please let TG be great?

Sadly, my friends it's the end of the 2011 season
But, many teams are happy for a reason
On New Orleans, On Detroit, On Green Bay,
On New England, On Houston, On team Ray-Ray...

The Lombardi trophy is their ultimate quest.
Super Bowl XLVI will determine the best.
The rest of the teams, the ones who suck,
Will sit on the couch and hope for Luck.

super bowl xlvi logo

This season held so much promise for me. My playoff picks
AFC EAST-New York Jets-Fail: New England
AFC NORTH-Baltimore Ravens-Score
AFC SOUTH-Houston Texans-Score
AFC WEST-San Diego Chargers-Fail: Oakland or Denver
AFC WILDCARDS-Pittsburgh Steelers (IN), New England Patriots (AFC East Champs)

AFC CHAMPS-San Diego Chargers, yeah that's not going to happen...SMH at San Diego

NFC EAST-Philadelphia Eagles-Fail: Dallas or New York Giants
NFC NORTH-Green Bay Packers-Score
NFC SOUTH-Atlanta Falcons-Fail: New Orleans, but the Falcons are the wildcard
NFC WEST-St. Louis Rams-Epic Fail: San Francisco...I don't drink so I don't really know why I picked the Rams. Pure Crazy, I guess.

NFC WILDCARDS-New Orleans Saints (South Champs), Dallas Cowboys (A Shot if they win today).

NFC CHAMPS-Atlanta Falcons (it still could possibly, maybe happen *fingers crossed*)

Anyway, let's see. Last week, I regrouped a bit going 9-6 bringing my season total to 130-61. Let's see if I bring in the year with a bang or a fizzle...

Sunday, January 1

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints-New Orleans

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings-Chicago

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers-Detroit

San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams-San Francisco

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles-Philadelphia

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins-Miami

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots-New England

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans-Houston

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars-*flips coin*Indianapolis, why not...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons-Atlanta

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals-Arizona

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos-Kansas City

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals-Baltimore

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders-Oakland

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants-New York

That's the season, boys and girls. See ya next week for the start of the playoffs. Until next time,

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